What the L!? Leadership training summit


What the L!? Leadership Summit in April 2020 hosted by Meg Baker

The leadership training summit has come and gone- HOWEVER, if you want to join the What the L!? Leadership Community and get access to some great content from the Summit, click here!

Leading, empowering, and healing during uncertain times

April 8+9- on Zoom

Cost: zero dollars (and v. valuable!) 

The last couple of weeks may have you feeling confused, isolated, scarce. Of course, we want to do amazing things with our lives and businesses, but also things feel so unstable. You’re trying to find our footing in a time where everything’s been shaken up. 

Want access to the leadership training replays? click here!

I don’t have all the answers. That’s why I’m connecting you to my favorite people in the online community- both biz experts and healers. So whether you’re a biz owner wondering what your next steps are for your business OR a human seeking some answers and stability for how to carry on in daily life, this summit is for YOU!

YOU have a place here in the summit. I feel strongly that not one person has the right answers for you. This is not a one size fits all advice kind of situation. And I strongly believe that in this collective of sessions, you will take away the next steps that are right for YOU, RIGHT NOW.

And it’s OK to be in your feelings. And it’s ok to NOT know what TF is going on.  I’m here, not to give you the answer, but to guide you-  through my connections to these amazing humans that are leading sessions and discussions at the summit! 

Get access to the leadership training replays

I believe that leadership is what’s going to save us. We’ve got to rise up and show up. 

Those who show up will walk away with

-resilience and leadership inspiration

-strategies to pivot your biz/offerings

-strategies to communicate during weird times


-understanding about self and opportunities to heal some sh*t


Get access to the leadership training replays

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