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Contracted Video Editor for Jayla Koriyan LLC

My client, Jayla Koriyan LLC, a youtube influencer, is searching for a part-time contracted Vlog video editor. 

Jayla is a really dynamic influencer who is constantly creating content and we want to find her a video editor who can capture her style (and make it even better :))  She specializes in beauty, business, and lifestyle content and has 250K subscribers on her Jayla Koriyan TV Youtube channel channel and 300k subscribers on her Jayla Korian Youtube Channel. 

Video Editor Overview: 

– Contracted position

– Pay is per video Vlog (we will ask what your rate is, our budget is around $300 per 25 minute Vlog video) (averaging 2-4 videos per week) 

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Edit 2-4 Vlogs per week (4 day turnaround desired) 

Edit Jayla Koriyan’s Vlogs– here are some examples of Jayla’s editing style:

Jayla will also make editorial notes and direction as she is filming. 


Important Notes about the Video Editing: 

– Videos need to be edited to under 30 minutes

– Include the music and text intro (examples in other vlogs)

– Graphics (animated subscribe button)

– Transitions in between clips (example 17:40,  in

– Transitions while Jayla is talking (example  19:59

– Add music to parts of the video

– Add graphics (see isntagram graphics in 18:00 in

– Add video graphics (see squarespace example in 23:49 in

– Graphics and Video links (see 26:50 in



Final Cut Pro or Adobe’s editing software

Slack (preferred for communication) 


This could be you if: 

– You enjoy video editing

– You’re excited to create Vlogs 

–You have an interest in the influencer world and beauty, hair, bags, etc BUT you’re not really  interested in being a vlogger/youtuber yourself

–  You can figure out which angles are flattering and which aren’t (and you won’t include the unflattering angles!)

– You’re comfortable with editing footage with Lingerie and Swimwear and are willing to sign an NDA

– You’re a storyteller and can use video editing to tell a story

To apply: 

Click the Link to Apply

We will be accepting applications until September 2nd 2020 but will stop accepting applications once we find the right video editor, so please apply soon!

We will be asking for sample video editing work in the application. If you are chosen, you will be available for a zoom interview or to do a brief Loom introduction. 

If you don’t hear from us, thank you so much for applying! 

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