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Created 6/5/2020

Updated 3/16/2021

Meg K and Co is a hiring agency for online entrepreneurs. 

We recruit and hire contractors and employees for values-led and conscientious companies. 

Here are our company’s values, mission, and commitments. We believe that values aligned partnerships have the most impact. We will update this on a regular basis as we continue to learn and evolve. And we believe that companies should make their stances and commitments known so that potential clients, partners, employees can opt in or out. 

Our Values: 

We believe in Racial Equity and that Black Lives Matter. 

Black Lives Matter. We will do our part to reduce racial inequities and dismantle White Supremacy in the US, especially in hiring. 

Racial inequity runs deep in our culture, our policies, our policing, and in who gets economic opportunities. There’s data that backs that – for one (of many) examples,  see here an article about Black female students in high school with identical transcripts not given the same opportunities to AP classes as their White counterparts. Black women in the US, across socio-economic statuses, are much more likely to die in childbirth and the infant mortality rate in African American infants is 2.3 times higher than White infants. These racist barriers and biases exisit in business, as well. 

We believe that we have an opportunity and responsibility to connect and facilitate working relationships and employment opportunities. We believe that diversity makes us better. We believe that Black people as well as other BIPOC deserve equity in opportunities that companies offer. 

It shouldn’t be dangerous to be Black in America. People shouldn’t be denied opportunities because of their race. We need to consistently address and dismantle racism. Black Lives Matter. 

We set a Standard for Equitable Hiring and hold ourselves and others to it.  

We believe in creating justice within business, creating the standard, creating space, and holding our clients to rise our standard of equitable hiring. In our work, we intentionally explore and dismantle problematic, oppressive, and inequitable practices. With best practices in place, we set the bar and a high standard for our clients to ensure the most equitable process that we can. We not only lead by example, but we also require our clients to follow best practices and our standard for fair hiring. 

While we hold ourselves and others to a high standard, we also adjust our practices once we uncover that a practice is problematic and inequitable. We aren’t off the hook to do things right, though. It’s our responsibility to engage and do better as soon as we know how (and it’s our responsibility to learn and implement the how quickly and effectively). 

We use an inquiry-based approach (asking great and intentional questions to ensure we are getting to the root of what support you need, addressing  implicit biases, ensuring that you can set up your new hires for success). We regularly adjust our processes whenever we see opportunities to be more equitable and just. 

We understand that while our clients may not be at our standard yet, they desire to create a non oppressive work environment. We create the space for our clients to unpack, become aware, and rise to our standards. We create space for ourselves to unpack racism and oppressive practices. 

Our hiring standards: 

We will hire the most aligned person for the role regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexuality, and gender identity. However, our goal is to present job opportunities to as broad of an audience as possible, especially  to BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ folks. 

  • We address apparent implicit biases through call ins and coaching conversations and make necessary adjustments. 
  • We have very clear criteria for highly qualified candidates.
  • The role must have the correct legal status. For example, having the time requirements of an employee (set, specific hours and an expected response time of less than 24 hours) for a contractor is not legal and is exploitative. We follow laws and regulations around what is allowed for contract work and what needs to be qualified as W2 employee work. When a worker’s status is in question, we connect our clients to HR experts. 
  • We do NOT require applicants to share personality test information like Enneagram, Human Design, Meyers Brigg as they create bias. After the hire, we are open to using assessments like Kolbe or Strengths Finder to support with motivating and managing your new hire. (Sources: Oak Hill Study, HBO Documentary- Persona: The Dark Truth behind Personality Tests
    • Job Postings Must include: 
      • Values and commitments statement of company (if an official values page is not applicable, we include a paragraph in the job posting) 
      • Inclusion statement 
  • Explicitly stated salaries and compensation (transparency ensures equity) 
    • True role expectations and time expectations
    • Use gender inclusive language (folks, people, y’all)
    • Ask for people’s pronouns
    • No appropriative language (for example, we will not use the African American Vernacular English if the business owner is not Black.)

We will not participate in business or hiring practices that exploit others and are inequitable. We expect our clients and business partners to work towards equity. 

Intention + Impact

Everything we do, we do for a reason. We work intentionally to create the deep and sustainable impact. Essentially, we want to dismantle oppressive ways of business and create intentional connections. We want people to do work they enjoy that doesn’t feel oppressive (and in alignment so they rise up to their responsibilities and their impact) and have space for happiness and adventure. 

More to come here.

Our Mission: 

– to create successful and aligned work opportunities and connect businesses with employees and contractors through conscientious and equitable hiring and leading practices. 

– to be disciplined to our values and vision and the how of our vision, and to continue to grow and adjust it. 

Our favorite DEI/Anti-Racist Educators and resources: 


The Pause on the Play Community– lead by Erica Courdae and India Jackson

1:1 coaching or training by  Erica Courdae

Equity Centered Coaching Collective – lead by Trudi Lebron

Amplified Impact Mastermind by Trudi Lebron

J.E.D.I Collaborative 

Leesa Renée Hall

Mia Hemstad’s course, How to Dismantle System Racism Through Political Activism 


Pause on the Play PodcastPause on the Play on Apple Pod

Pause On The Play is where you are challenged to examine your beliefs, question your predisposed notions, and consider realities you may be unfamiliar with in order to understand that they too are real. Erica Courdae and co-host India Jackson have real conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion, visibility, mindset, and everything in between.

Topics include imperfect allyship, imposter syndrome, company culture, and how you can feel more aligned and empowered in your business marketing. Let’s go beyond the surface and move into action, today.

Business Remixed by Trudi Lebron Business Remixed on Apple Pod

This show explores how entrepreneurs are remixing their businesses in a shifting social climate in order to work and live in ways that align with their values, activate their effort, and amplify their impact.

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There’s also a weekly one-on-one interview with DeRay and special guests, from singer/songwriter John Legend to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The experts, influencers, and diverse local and national leaders who come on the show go deep on social, political, and cultural issues. New episodes every Tuesday.

About Meg and the anti-racism journey:

 (please note that there are mentions of police violence below) 

I firmly  believe that Black people shouldn’t have less access to resources and opportunities and should NOT be more likely to be murdered by law enforcement (with no consequences). Nor should they have the odds stacked against them because of racist policies and practices like Redlining (and many more).  I lived in St. Louis (near Ferguson, MO) where Michael Brown was murdered by a police officer, Darren Wilson, who was later acquitted. I taught in a classroom with Black students and it was incredibly sobering to see them and realize that statistically, they are more likely to be murdered by police and/or be incarcerated than their white counterparts. This is unacceptable. 

I have my ignorant spots because of my privilege and white supremacy– I became more aware of my privilege and during my teacher training in the early 2010s in social justice courses at UMSL. I read more about systemic racism and violence towards Black and Indiginious people by White Europeans, and first learned about Critical Race Theory and became aware of microaggressions, color blindness, inequities with poverty and food deserts. This is where things started for me. 

I am still dismantling my internalized racism and white supremacy and white fragility and recognize that I’m complicit and am excited to move forward in my advocacy for racial equity.   Being anti racist and equity centered is a lifelong, not fully linear, process that I believe in and commit to every day. 

More to come. 


Meg Baker

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