Tech Va for The Launch Guild


Tech VA for Online Launches for The Launch Guild

The Launch Guild is a Launch & Systems Support Agency that supports coaches & course creators with Course or Membership Launch Support, Podcast Launch Support, Systems Migrations and Systems Set-Ups. 

Our current team includes OBMs, Project Managers, Virtual Assistants, Content Managers, Graphic Designers, Facebook Ads Managers, Copywriters, Podcast/Video Editors, and a pretty awesome Director of Operations and CEO. We’re a close-knit, easy-going team and pride ourselves on excellence and exceeding client expectations! 

We are hiring a Tech Virtual Assistant to support with the backend of our clients’ launches including all tech integrations (we’re talking webinars, sales pages, registration forms, email sequences, etc). 


Role Overview: 

– Must have daytime availability and be online M-F 

–  Compensation: starting at $20 per hour

–  Must be based and authorized to work in the United States. 

–  Contractor role with possibility of becoming a W-2 employee after trial period

– Starting at 10 hours per launch project, with room to grow into full-time

We encourage BIPOC (Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color), LGBTQIA+ people, and Military Significant Others to apply. 

At The Launch Guild, we are committed to diversity, equity, anti-racism, and inclusion. We value relationships with team members and clients who share our values and who prioritize diversity, equity, anti-racism, and inclusion within their organizations – and we know that our team members and clients’ customers and students are best prepared to thrive in their workplace, courses, programs, and memberships if they learn in an environment characterized by, and supportive of, diversity and inclusion.

Team Members and Clients expressly acknowledges and agrees that The Launch Guild promotes a diverse work environment, and that any remarks, gestures, or behaviors by Client in connection with this Contract that are discriminatory toward or offensive to individuals on the basis of gender, race, color, national origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, or disability will be cause for Service Provider to immediately terminate this any contract.

Time Requirements:

  • You can be flexible to be open around pre-scheduled launches- you will know 5 weeks in advance for when you will need more time.
  • Starting at 10 hours per week per launch (and this can grow as we assign you new clients)
  • Must be online Monday through Friday (we value our weekends off- weekend work is rare) 

This could be you if: 

-you have a wide array of experiences in different tech platforms– you love the tech! 

-you know all of the softwares listed on this posting 

-you have Launch experience in the online space for a course creator or coach (we’re talking course launches, podcast launches, coaching program launches)

-you love details

-you enjoy being a part of a team

-you are solutions-driven

-you like to nerd out on personality tests

-you love the fast-paced life that comes with launches (especially the last weeks of a launch period)

-you understand the urgency that comes with the backend of a launch and it excites you!

– you understand how the tech integrations of the emails, sales pages, social media posts, etc all work together and the importance of how those pieces all fit together 

-you’re familiar with different promotional launch strategies and how the tech works (ie Challenges, Opt-ins, Summits, etc) 

– You’re a self-starter, get your work done on time (or early)

– You are online everyday M-F 

– You are available at 10am EST on Tuesdays for a team calls and have space in your schedule for client-facing calls

– You are excited to work on a team and collaborate with the common goal of a successful launch!

– You are a problem solver – and you can come to the table with suggested solutions

– Crossing things off of your to-do list brings you the most joy- you are on top of your tasks and don’t like to procrastinate?! Why do tomorrow what you can do today?!

– You like to double check your work, and you’re willing to take your time to do things the right way 

– You’re obsessed with technology and learning new platforms!

This probably isn’t for you if: 

– You don’t have space in your schedule to accommodate more than one client

– You struggle with taking initiative and meeting deadlines

– You aren’t into Group Calls

To apply: Click on this link! 

Softwares we use: (if you don’t know 100% of these, please still apply 🙂 )

Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc)




Active Campaign









Asana – we are an Asana-centric team!



Slack – we use Slack as our lifesource!

Webinar Jam

Ever Webinar











Deadline Funnel

Access Ally


– Tech Implementation

– Creation & Integration of Webinar Registration Form

– Webinar Tech Set up

– Creation & Set-Up of all Webinar & Launch related tags & sequences

–Uploading and Scheduling of all launch-related emails including webinar emails, launch emails, and post-launch confirmation emails

–Uploading of course content (videos, pdfs, etc.) 

–Creation of product form, form integration in Sales Page, and Testing of Product Sales Form

– Set-Up of Facebook Group (if applicable)

To apply: Click on this link! 


We are accepting initial applications from now until October 1st  at 10:00 AM Central Time. 

You will be notified shortly thereafter via email by our hiring manager (@megkco) if you have been chosen to move forward into the interview process. If you don’t hear from us, thank you so much for applying, and we will keep your application for consideration in the future!

We will interview and test the top candidates the following weeks (depending on how many applicants we have.) If chosen, we will invite you to do a 30 minute video call interview. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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