Self-Care for CEOs and Creative Entrepreneurs


Self-Care for CEOs and Creative Entrepreneurs

In my past life as a teacher, this whole self-care piece was practically nonexistent. I was so exhausted always and wasn’t feeling myself. Without feeling whole and happy, was I able to show up as my best and most effective self for my students? Probably not.

Self-care and my business

Fast forward to being a business owner, and while I had more time for self-care for sure, but I didn’t make it a priority. That is until I did a Tarot and Breathwork session with Amy Kurtesky, an amazing woman who works with other near burn out (or not) creative entrepreneurs. As we were doing my tarot reading (my first one ever), we talked about a lot of things (I was on my couch and Amy’s beautiful face was on the other end of the computer screen via zoom). After pulling some cards, she told me that my business could not survive if I didn’t care for myself. Thus, I realized that self-care wasn’t just for me to feel good, but my business literally depended on it.

Self-Care for CEOs and Creative Entrepreneurs

Fast forward to my time at Camp Climb, a wonderful weekend getaway for women entrepreneurs. On our last night, in beautiful Iowa, my cohort of my new business best friends joined around in our cabin for our own roundtable mastermind. We were tasked with giving our own little speech as if we were to give a keynote (we were all on fire and hearts ablazin from Jenna Kutcher’s keynote!) So around the circle we went, a group of 20 badass women instilling their wisdom. When it came to me, my take-away from my time in business and being a person was as such:


Without self-care, your business will not thrive.

Your business depends on it. You may feel compelled to constantly care for others or work inside of your business, but you can’t fully show up for people until you show up for yourself. Point blank. And I swear I didn’t even cry as I delivered my mini-keynote, in my target one-piece, after our 90s summer camp-esque pool party. I looked ridiculous but I was so serious. I see so many amazing women prioritizing business or anyone else and it pains me. I’ve been there. Big time. And of course, we need to show up for our loved ones and our businesses. And we need to show up for ourselves, in a big way. Like in a #radicalselflove kind of way.


For my fellow business babes and CEOs, here are the tools and practices that I recommend often! And I could go on forever, so I’ll give you my top three!

Self-Care for CEOs and Creative Entrepreneurs


Mentioning the wonderful Amy Kuretsky again! I won’t go into the details of breathwork as I’m not a breathwork practitioner but doing this practice has healed me in a big way and I continue to practice in Amy Kuretsky’s breathwork subscription on Patreon (it is the MOST accessible way to access this and I HIGHLY recommend it!) Amy also offers 1:1 zoom sessions– I recommend doing one of these with Tarot! Otherwise, check out her breathwork subscription! It’s a sliding scale and can pay what is in alignment with you!


Get to know Amy!

Here’s the breathwork subscription link on Patreon!

Here’s the link to her free breathwork challenge!


Here’s a little more about breathwork if you’re not familiar with the practice. It’s broken up into three easy patterns. You start by laying down on your couch, bed, or yoga mat with no pillows in order to keep the throat chakra open. Once you start this breath pattern, all the oxygen goes to your head. By doing this, you’re able to release the mind and get into your body. With all the energy swirling around, you end up tingling and crying in the best way. I’ve been able to release A LOT of trauma through this practice and was able to clear my head which was such a powerful feeling. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the beauty of breathwork in a nutshell. I urge you to give it a try!

Self-Care for CEOs and Creative Entrepreneurs


Duh. I know you’ve heard it before.  Also, meditation is such a grounding exercise, such a great activity to do before sales calls or just to reset and realign.

You don’t have to do some crazy practice. Even 5 minutes a day. There are a gazillion apps, and my favorite recommended by my bff Kelsey is actually an app that sells makeup but has the best and easiest meditations. It’s called Rituals– you can choose 5,10,15 etc minute meditations which mainly focus on breath. I just find so much comfort in these meditations. And even just 5 minutes a day can make a huge different. Give daily, simple meditation a try with the free app Rituals, or whatever else app you may like!

Self-Care for CEOs and Creative Entrepreneurs


Double duh. I know. I feel so often I disengaged from exercise because I felt like it had to be a certain way, and I wasn’t prepared to do it imperfectly. What I mean by that is instead of doing a little mile jog, I felt like in order for it to count or be worth it, I would need to do at least 40 minutes. Eff that. Even walking is great! Just move your bod in a way that feels great!


I used to do rowing (in college for a hot second and again in Chicago when I moved here), and I hate it. So I don’t do it anymore. I realized I love being on the water though, so I now love to do Stand Up Paddle boarding. I used to think it was a silly thing to love, but I don’t care. I also love kayaking and canoeing and biking, my Dad raised me on these activities and they feel so great as an adult! Do I do them all the time? Well, no. But I’ve been lucky to paddle board a few times recently and do the other activities whenever I can!


Other easy and fun ways to move your bod:

–– Yoga with Adriene!

She has a paid membership, but I use her free content on Youtube and it’s the best!! Again, I used to think that it wasn’t worth doing if I wasn’t doing a 60 minute sweat your butt off vinyasa class. Now I aim to do yoga every day– even if it’s a quick 5-10 minute practice. It’s so much better than nothing!


Check out Yoga with Adriene’s amazing free content on Youtube here!

Go to her website to get on her list, participate in her free yoga challenges, and check out her paid content!


–– Fitness Marshall!

Think Zumba ish but not. This guy, Caleb, and his “back up booty” have such fun dances to fun songs on their youtube channel! They also have a paid membership but I use their free content to move my body and have the most fun!


Check out the Fitness Marshall’s free content on Youtube here!


There are so many other amazing ways to do the self-care and it’s different for everyone. It doesn’t have to be a fancy massage (though I do them every month lol), it’s more about doing what fills you up and makes you happy and healthy and optimal.


I’m not an expert healer by any means, but I know what it feels like to be burnt the eff out and I know what practices that others told me about that help me feel so much better and in more of a place to lead and care for my loved ones.


What are your favorite ways to engage in self-care? I have a feeling I may blog more about this 😉


Do we follow each other? Let’s continue the conversation on Instagram!





PS are you a CEO and feel like you don’t have the space to practice self-care? I help business owners like you create fun systems and create action plans to bust through your “sticky spots”. Ready to find some space and have the action steps to get closer to where you want to be? We should chat! Click here to book a call with me!

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