Resources to Counteract Crippling Perfectionism


The holy grail of perfectionism mantra. Print by Kelsey at Pinegateroad.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links from which I make a portion of the profits from the sale. I promise I’m only linking resources I’ve used and adore <3


Perfectionism comes up so much in life and in business– and luckily there are so many perfectionism resources out there! I’m not an expert or a therapist, yet I want to share with you some resources that have helped me. This topic is very layered and nuanced and there’s a lot of unpacking and discovering of old stories etc that come with tackling the big P. Admittedly, the resources I have gathered come from white, affluent women and I would love to read and learn more from other points of view. I hope these resources are of service and help you on your journey!


––This Podcast with Kelsey Kerslake of Pinegateroad and Liz White, Business Woo Wonderful Human Witch Extraordinaire. Liz talks about her journey and shifts in business to create an intuitive business! What stuck with me so much is what she says about “B work” and getting it the eff out there!



–– All things Brené Brown, honey. My friend Rachel from Daring Studios turned me onto her book, The Gifts of Imperfection. Dr. Brown talks a lot from personal experience and her shame research. She provides helpful guide posts throughout the book.



–– and this Podcast featuring Dr. Brown about being afraid and doing the thing anyway on the How to Human Podcast.


–– Anything that influencer and disrupter Ashley Beaudin produces– specifically #theimperfectwoman movement she hosts every so often! Ashley works to normalize imperfect and it is such a great movement to be a part of!


–– And I feel that everyone recommends Jen Sincero’s writings but here it is anyway! You are a Badass is a great intro book into ego, or as she lovingly calls it, the Big Snooze or B.S. The Big Snooze tries to keep us at status quo and can often prevent us from taking action– which is something I have struggled with in battling perfectionism!



I know these resources barely touch the surface of beating perfectionism. I’m so curious to know what else is out there! Tell me in the comments your fave books and podcasts about this!

Resources to Counteract Crippling Perfectionism

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