Our process starts with some reverse engineering.

We first work to understand the end goal you’re striving for with this role, and the responsibilities and level of support required to achieve it. Working from that end goal, we determine what a successful candidate would look like, then build out and execute a thorough hiring process to find the right person.

Here’s what that looks like:

Our process puts equity and anti-racism first, and we take every step with your unique mission and vision in mind. 



We’ll start with a 90-minute call to get to know you, your business, and your needs first and foremost. Together, we’ll set expectations for your hiring process by helping you determine what skills are non-negotiable, what it means to delegate, how much you are willing to train, and what kind of work environment you hope to create.  

Our team will help align your brand values with your approach to hiring, and bring clarity to the type of leader you would like to become. 

Role Definition

We’ll then craft a job ad that clearly defines the primary functions of the role, the proper job title, and the required skills and experience. We include language that invites people from diverse backgrounds, identities, and experience to apply to foster an inclusive process. 

We’ll also build a customized application form for candidates that uses strategic language designed to help us determine the presence or absence of the soft skills you desire in a candidate. 

Job Promotion &
Candidate Screening

Once you have reviewed and approved the job description and application form, we post the job across multiple websites. To ensure equity and diversity in your candidate pool, we partner with external organizations that specialize in job placement for folks of marginalized identities who would not typically have access to these types of job listings.

We assess candidates based on 3 categories: 


What is their prior experience and their hard skills?


What is their instinctive way of doing things, or their “method of operation”?*


Are their values aligned with yours? 

*We use the Kolbe assessment as a framework to understand whether someone is heavily detail oriented, process oriented, etc. This assessment helps ensure their work style is aligned with the requirements of the job, and can help minimize attrition. We don’t recommend requesting candidates to take this assessment prior to making a hiring decision– instead we recommend you use this as a management tool once you’re hired your employee. 

This helps us determine if they will be bought into your mission and if they will be passionate about the work.

Decision and Offer

Whew, the hard part is over! We’ll present you with our feedback on each of the candidates and give you everything you need to make a final decision. Once you’ve selected your top candidate, we will initiate the offer process before handing it over to you to make it official. 

We’ll even notify all unselected candidates so you don’t have to.

Interviews and candidate touch points

Based on our assessment of the entire candidate pool, we will present you with approximately 5-10 applicants we believe should move onto the next round. Depending on the role and your desired level of involvement in this stage of the process, this may include follow up questions, interviews, or paid assessments. 

We also offer coaching around how to identify and overcome unconscious biases during the interview process. Our goal is to promote a fair and just interview for all candidates, while empowering you to uphold your brand values. 


Now that your new hire has been identified and the position has been offered, our work together is done. If you need assistance with establishing sound HR policies for your new team, we would be happy to point you in the right direction.

The goal of our process is to build a sustainable hiring process and a funnel of qualified applicants for the role your business needs. If, for any reason, your new hire doesn’t work out, you will have the tools and clarity you need to fill the role again in the future.

Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best 

Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best 

“Meg knew what to do and I have an amazing team member with me now!” 

“Meg is thorough, conscientious, and operates from integrity. She cares about people and putting the right people together in the right situations and making sure business owners are extremely comfortable with their decisions. Meg saved me by hiring for me. She and her team did most of the work and I still got to be in on decision making. 


Natasha Hemmingway - Sales Coach and Speaker

Ready to hire?

We think you are if…

You have a clearly defined mission, vision, and set of values that are your guiding light for all of your work.

You have a proven business model, but you don’t have the bandwidth to scale it any further.

You have a signature offer and have started implementing systems for running your business that can be built upon by someone else. 

Here’s how we can help

Done-For-You Hiring

Do-It-Yourself Hiring

We’ll take care of everything in the hiring pipeline from start to finish, from building out the role, to crafting the description, to posting it in front of a diverse audience, to screening and interviewing candidates. You can stay in your zone of genius while we handle the rest.

We’ll show you how to make your first or next hire in our self-paced, online course. You can confidently make your hire and learn and ins and outs of best hiring practices to get you to the next level. 


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