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Meet Meg

Meg Baker is the founder of Meg K and Co, a hiring agency for socially conscious online business owners. 

Meg started her career as a teacher in an under-resourced district, where her leadership and assessment skills were quickly spotted by her administration. To her surprise, this fresh-faced 24 year old was made a department head and she became a key interviewer and decision-maker in staffing discussions. Little did she know the higher-ups at her school were onto something.

But burnout set in, and she eventually transitioned into the online business world, first as a Virtual Assistant and then as a Project Manager. She was the right-hand woman to ambitious entrepreneurs who had big visions. But their decisions to hire her were based on a referral and the status-quo, rather than a true understanding of what their business really needed to get the best ROI. She was quick to notice the gap between what her clients needed and what she was able to offer. 

Meg saw an opportunity to offer her skills in hiring and assessment to online business owners who were overwhelmed by the process of expanding their teams. 

Meanwhile, Meg had developed a deep passion for social justice while in graduate school. After learning about systemic racism and disparities in opportunities for People of Color and folks with marginalized identities, she knew where she needed to focus her work.  

So Meg launched Meg K and Co to empower online entrepreneurs with socially conscious hiring practices that propel their businesses forward. Meg and her team are helping business owners get to the next stage of growth, while directly confronting racial inequity. They start the conversation with people about how to be anti-racist during interviews and in leading their team.

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