Pandemic and Online Business


Will your business be ready post pandemic? My thoughts from my own personal lens and an online business lens.

There’s a lot to be said about life post [covid-19] pandemic outbreak. A lot of it is speculation and based on people’s life experiences- of course. Here are some of my thoughts about a post covid-19 pandemic world. 

  • I’m hopeful that the precautions we are taking will save many lives. 
  • I’m hopeful that this pandemic will continue to expose the lack of safety net that our government and its policies provide. I’m also grateful that many are creating relief funds. (I don’t think they should have to though for people to survive) 
  • I’m grateful for the leaders in our space and in the public space who are stepping up. I’m hopeful that leaders who aren’t doing shit will be voted out. 
  • I’m sad for the people this is impacting (medically and economically). 

There’s not much silver lining to this when thousands are suffering. 

For the rest of us, (and I apologize if I sound brash or detached- I, like many, am still processing the gravity of this), there is some hope to be had and economic opportunities (not in an opportunistic way, but in a ‘we’re going to survive this’ kind of way) 

Pertaining to the our space of online business, here’s what I’m optimistic about. 

  • More and more, ONLINE will be a way of life. Zoom has so many more users now-  a lot of shit will probably stay remote post pandemic. 
  • Most of us are B2B. If more Bs are going online, they’re gonna need us Bs. And shit, if you’re B2C, more Cs are becoming more aware of online Bs!
  • Now’s the time to do your market research, give shit away for free or cheap (beta beta beta test!), get your social proof, help people, and have something well researched, proven, and READY to sell when things pick back up again.   Because lord knows that entrepreneurship, in any climate, is about listening, pivoting, testing, again and again. 
  • While it may be slow right now (oh, and I wouldn’t assume that people wouldn’t buy right now, b/c as my husband says, assumptions make an ass of you and me), many industries will be OVERWHELMED with the amount of clients and customers they have. The wedding industry for one, will be swamped when people can be in person again. The economy will still be here, it may  be different, but it will still be here, and some industries will have a HUGE influx. 
  • NOW you may actually have the time you need to do some major internal work in your biz (and if you’ve got those dollars to spend and know you need to outsource some shit, DO IT NOW when you have time to alot to these projects that are normally put on the wayside for client and customer fulfillment). 

You can stop putting off and hire help for your dream: 



– systems (getting a CRM, sprucing up the way you invoice and collect money)

– processes (document and improve your client onboarding, team onboarding) 

– team (get your people in place for when customers are ready to pour back in so you can do your marketing, fulfillment, and operations!) 

– literally anything else you’ve been dreaming about doing that will move you forward that you will NEED when demand is high!) 

Here’s some questions I leave you with: 

Will your business solve problems that people will still have? If maybe not, how can you get a pulse on the market? How can you HELP people NOW (for cheap or free if you want)?? 

If your business will solve the problems or you’re pivoting in a way that will help many people, WILL YOU BE READY for the post pandemic INFLUX??

PS let me know your thoughts- shoot me a DM on insta or comment below if this resonates. Also, if you need recommendations for any of the services I mentioned above, I’ve got people!! 

PPS if you’re worried about your systems or getting the right team in place and trained, I would love to chat! Shoot me a DM on insta or email me at meg(at)megkco dot com 🙂 

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