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At Natasha Hemmingway Coaching & Speaking, LLC, our mission is to help entrepreneurs master their authentic sales process, achieve meaningful success and maximize their sales wins by bringing the Heart Not the Hustle.

Would you love to join our movement and be surrounded by some of the most heart-centered and impactful entrepreneurs?

Yes!? Awesome!

We are looking for the most EXTRAORDINARY Executive + Marketing Assistant to work side by side with our CEO, Natasha Hemmingway.

This is currently a fully remote part time position of 10-15 or more hours per week on a EST schedule… but if the right person applies… this could be made into a full time position. This role is starting as a 1099 contractor position with a starting rate of $25-$30 per hour. 

What is an Executive + Marketing Assistant?

It’s the union of executive assistant and marketing assistant, and just an all-around amazing person.

Does this sound like you?

  • extremely detail-oriented
  • solution focused
  • takes direction with humility and strength
  • thinks 4 steps ahead
  • enjoys creating magnificent virtual hospitality
  • and above all else, takes care of themselves so they are able to fully care for others.

Here’s why you’re an all-around amazing person…

This position is able to see a pile of projects and tasks and have the vision to see and organize each step of the implementation and the time frame of which to get it completed at a humane pace.

We are looking for someone who is able to understand the energetics of a feminine-led business model while also holding the masculine aspects of linear time management.

We are here to get things done, take action and also rest and receive in harmony. Our Assistant is someone who can help create that balance.

Working at Natasha Hemmingway Coaching & Speaking, LLC would be a great fit for you IF:

✓ You want to work for a female-run company with a diverse customer base

✓ You’re looking for a career path, not a short term gig. Assuming it’s the right fit, you’d be eager to commit to staying with NHCS, LLC for 2 years or more

✓ You crave meaningful work with kind entrepreneurs. You want to make a difference in people’s lives.

✓ You are someone who does what they say they’re going to do. You have impeccable follow-through. When you say, “I will deliver this project by Tuesday at 3pm EST,” it’s done by 2:50. When you give your word, you mean it.

✓ You would love the opportunity to work from home!

✓ Big bonus if you are familiar with Natasha and what she’s all about. You follow us on Instagram. Maybe you’ve been to her webinars, watched the talks, or even invested in one of her programs. You’re a fan!

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Our Assistant Tasks

(besides just being an all-around amazing person)


Managing Natasha’s Client questions

Responding in favorable and accommodating fashion

Sifting through and reconciling payments and contracts

Managing Natasha’s publicity opportunities for podcast & speaking engagements

Task Management and Communication

Task management w/Natasha via Asana

Daily Communication w/Natasha via Marco Polo, text and email

Testimonial gathering and repurposing that content


Starting (current) workflows when a new 1:1 client signs & pays with Natasha

Keeping track of payments and time frames for 1:1 clients in a spreadsheet that’s currently being used

Making sure clients are cared for, attended to, and sent gifts when needed

Setting up recurring zoom appointments for new 1:1 clients when they sign on

Setting up Sam Cart Payment Plan

Links for group coaching clients and ensuring they are connected via Zapier to existing contracts so that the contract auto sends when a client pays

Managing Calendar

Managing and Keeping Calendly updated

Making recurring zoom appointments for new 1:1 clients

Keeping Natasha’s boundaries with her time and energy (she’s need a lot of support here) to ensure she doesn’t over commit herself

Checking in to make sure Natasha is in alignment with her projects + schedule and not over committing


On-boarding new clients into program offers

Creating Emails for before and after program calls with links, homework, mantras etc.

Keeping program clients organized with spreadsheets, payment info, affiliate info

Invoicing program clients, setting up payment plans, keeping track of their payments


Sending invoices to clients through Honeybook when needed

Setting up payment plans in Sam Cart

Monitoring payments and sending payment reminder emails when necessary

Potential Clients

Checking in with Natasha about potential clients from IG, email lists, program launches

Making a dynamic Hot-Warm-Cold list with emails, IG handles, leads

Graphic Design

Making graphics for program launches, social media and email marketing on Canva

Creating sales page graphics

Creating testimonial graphics

Social Media Management

Answering dm’s

Making on brand stories and posts

Creating social media content from her coaching call recordings with little direction

Engagement routine

Create social posting and scheduling

Hashtag research and curation in HishHash app

Repurposing content

FB community management

Podcast Pitching

Making A-B-C top 25 list for Natasha

Sending podcast pitches weekly

Sending check-in emails

Kajabi Technical Support

Managing the drip of courses when a new mastermind coaching program starts


Minimum 10-15 hours per week

Please apply by Wednesday December 9th at 4pm Eastern.

We will interview the top applicants and possibly conduct a paid test project. If you don’t hear from us, thank you so much for applying!

Candidates based in the US preferred

Click Here to Apply! 

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