Maternity Leave Musings- An Intro


We have permission to talk.

It has been literal months since I’ve created static content.

I’m 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

I’m on leave now– and I miss writing and creating content.

With the help of my coaches and healing etc, I’m realizing that

– I’m allowed to talk.

– Showing up as my crazy ass self is very “on brand” for me- (this is literally why people have hired me- I yelled at one of my clients on the street because I recognized him from the ‘gram and consequently, we worked together for a few months!)

– I was so afraid of not being polished, perfect, or subscribing to the prescriptive/”correct” way of showing up for my brand and business

It turns out I have a lot to say and fuck it, I’m going to show up and say it. I love writing (and talking) and I’m going to use this space to reflect on the past year of entrepreneurship and show up. So for now, no more worrying about “how will I optimize the SEO of this in blog form” or worrying about curated the perfect accompanying photo. I’m just going to be– I’m allowed.

Perhaps we could coin this my “maternity leave diaries” or whatever– but here goes nothing! I’m excited to show up– and in doing so, I’m more aligned with my core value of “safety” (which is really about vulnerability and authenticity). So I’m gonna channel my inner Brene Brown and you know, choose that courage or comfort or whatever.

How are you choosing to show up? What’s been holding you back?

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