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Are you interested in working for a company that helps people own the leader within by identifying their authentic selves and leaning into their strengths to redefine success? Do you want a CEO who is open, honest, knowledgeable, and on a mission to help people and companies become better versions of themselves? 

In comes Mary H Davis Coaching! Mary is a transformational leadership coach and a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant. She helps high-performing individuals transform from good to AMAZING leaders through identity leadership coaching. She also helps small to midsize companies transform through identity leadership, inclusive coaching, and consulting on diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels and areas of their business. 

Now, she’s looking for an Operational and Executive Assistant to join her team and help her with enhancing and building out business processes.  As the Operational and Executive assistant, this individual will also be responsible for maintaining daily operations and minimal marketing management responsibilities to help the business continue to thrive so that Mary can continue doing amazing work!

Interested in finding out more about Mary H Davis? Check out her about page to find out why she does what she does, her Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion page to find out what she does for businesses, and her Coaching page to find out what she does for individuals. 

Operational and Executive Assistant 


Reporting to the CEO, you’ll be responsible for daily operations tasks such as inbox and calendar management so that you can best help Mary with the back-end of her business. To thrive in this role, you are someone who can work in a fast-paced and evolving environment, has a good balance between attention to detail and creativity, is incredibly excited about growth – you are invested in your professional and personal development.  You know that while change and growth are uncomfortable at times, it’s ultimately worth it for the positive results it brings. You’re excited to work for someone who does incredible work and who is willing to invest in you as long as you’re willing to invest in the company. You know how to manage your own time, and you’re willing to speak up when you need extra help with something. You also know how to figure things out on your own!  

  • Time Commitment: 10-15  hours per week to start with room to grow
  • Compensation: $15-20/hour
  • Location: Preferably in the Charlotte, NC metro area, however, this role is fully remote and if you are outside of that area and think you’re the perfect fit, please apply!
  • Status: This position starts as a contractor position with the intention to grow into a part-time employee position.


You will be the CEO’s right-hand and assist her with responsibilities such as:

  • Calendar and inbox management
  • Coordinating between clients and the CEO and managing daily operations
  • Following up with vendors and third-party service providers that support the business (website management, marketing companies, attorneys, etc.)
  • Researching, constructing, and managing the establishment of foundational business processes and SOPs
  • General office management and administrative duties 
  • Consistently showing up to learn new things and manage any tools or processes that need to be brought in to support operations
  • Creating content for social media and advertising as well as reviewing any content created by third parties

This could be you if…

  • You’re very nimble – you can pivot quickly and are able to complete different tasks 
  • You are able to self-regulate and prioritize in the moment, and then re-prioritize when things change
  • You know how to learn and how to find out information online and find reliable research sources
  • You’re great at managing your own time and know what needs to be done first for the highest efficiency
  • You have strong communication skills and strong writing skills
  • Your skills are transferable and you know how to apply what you already know to new things 
  • You’re excited to learn a lot – you understand that growth can be uncomfortable but you love to be challenged 
  • You’re interested in your own development and are looking to invest in yourself as well as in a company
  • You’re interested in improving your identity and your leadership – you will be in the trenches in this position and you will learn a lot about yourself 
  • You’re excited about the possibilities of this role and what it can grow into as you grow with the company
  • You’re excited about contributing your own creativity to move the business forward – you’re not JUST here to complete your operational tasks, but to have a voice in a growing company that will be heard 
  • You’re interested and excited to grow into an employee role – you’re interested in long-term growth with a company, not a short-term position 
  • You have prior working knowledge of social media and working with Microsoft Office


  • Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc)
  • Social media platforms (Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, etc)

To apply 

If you’ve read this far & this sounds like you, click here to submit your application


We are accepting initial applications from now until Friday, August 6th at 2pm CT. Please note we are accepting applications on a rolling basis and the sooner you apply, the better! 

As a company, we value diversity, equity, and inclusion. We encourage all people regardless of ethnicity, nationality, gender, race, ability, religion, sexual identity, or any other personal identifier, to apply. 

If you’ve been chosen to move forward to the interview, you’ll be notified shortly after your application is received. If you don’t hear from us, thank you so much for applying and we will keep your application for consideration in the future!

We’ll assess the top candidates in the following weeks (depending on how many applicants we have). If chosen, we’ll invite you to do a zoom interview.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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