Marketing Tools of the Moment


Marketing Tools of the Moment

There are practically a billion amazing marketing tools out there– many that I don’t even know about. And I could go on forever about all the social media schedulers and such– instead of doing that, here are my top top favorite softwares for mostly the instagram realm. If your target audience is on Instagram or you just love it like I do, read on! My favorites include ones that help you do outreach, facilitate an impeccable visual feed, and can help increase your web traffic.

Marketing Tools of the Moment

People Map

What it is: A tool for Authentic Community Growth on Instagram + more

Who it’s for: You know your target audience and you want to find them and engage with them on instagram. I’ve hopped into a training with Puno, the founder of people map, and it’s amazing how you can target new leads, AND keep track of who you have reached out to when you integrate with CRMs like Streak! If you’re an influencer or a kick ass biz owner ready for new connections and leads, People Map is a must! This is a non sketchy and still organic way to build community and engagement!

Marketing Tools of the Moment


What it is: An Instagram scheduler for the serious blogger babes + influencers

Who it’s for: If you are a blogger and want to link your posts to your external URLS, it works so nicely with Linkin (like Link Tree, but Linkin shows your feed and the pictures are links to the External URLS!) If you are looking for an easy way to get people to your blog or other sites, I LOVE the feature of linking a URL to the post and how it just populates on Linkin! This is also a great tool for brands with multiple accounts!

Marketing Tools of the Moment


What it is: An Instagram scheduler like none other

Who it’s for: You are obsessed with how your feed appears on the grid and love to play around with it. It’s so fun and easy to upload your pictures, plan out how you want the grid to look, and plug in your content from there! I love a good editorial calendar when you plan out what to post on which day, and I love being flexible with my editorial content based on how it looks with my precisely curated and arranged photos! I myself use planoly exclusively as my scheduler (most of my content is just my blog and instagram) and I haven’t found another platform that does the grid like this!

Marketing Tools of the Moment


What it is: A Pinterest (and instagram) Scheduling App and more!

Who it’s for: You want to rock pinterest! You have content on your site and want to drive traffic over there! Maybe you were a BoardBooster person (which sadly, no longer exists) and you want an easy way to schedule your pins! While I love Pinterest, I am not the authority on Pinterest. But I can point you to someone who is– my biz bae Kelsey at Pinegateroad. She educates on how to seriously increase your traction on Pinterest and her agency implements this for business owners and influencers who have amazing content and need that traffic, honey.

Marketing Tools of the Moment

What are your absolute favorites for instagram marketing and engagement?!? Things are changing so quickly and I wanna know what you think! I feel like there is more magic out there that I just don’t even know about yet!

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