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You have a clearly defined mission, vision, and set of values that are your guiding light for all of your work.

You have a proven business model, but you don’t have the bandwidth to scale it any further.

You have a signature offer and have started implementing systems for running your business that can be built upon by someone else. 

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Done-For-You Hiring

Do-It-Yourself Hiring

We’ll take care of everything in the hiring pipeline from start to finish, from building out the role, to crafting the description, to posting it in front of a diverse audience, to screening and interviewing candidates. You can stay in your zone of genius while we handle the rest.

We’ll show you how to make your first or next hire in our self-paced, online course. You can confidently make your hire and learn and ins and outs of best hiring practices to get you to the next level. 


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