Marketing Operations Lead at The Independent Clinician


Marketing and Operations Lead Job Alert at the Independent Clinician

Our mission is pretty simple…We’re all about empowering women who never saw themselves as business owners to see that they can do more than they ever thought possible!

Picture this…

You’re part of the team that helps Speech Language Pathologists across North America BELIEVE in themselves, take REAL ACTION to start their own private practice businesses, and get UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT on the journey.

Here at The Independent Clinician, our students want the freedom to be their own bosses, the flexibility to balance work & family life, and the fulfillment to make a massive impact through their work. We guide them through our step-by-step system to transform their big dreams into everyday reality…and help them become financially independent in the process!

We’ve built the systems & perfected the methodology. And now, our next step is very clear…we’re ready to serve more students.

We’re taking big steps to amplify our marketing efforts so that we can reach the right people who need to hear our message, join our community, and enroll in our programs.

We’re creating an environment where all women, regardless of who they are, what they look like, or who they love, feel comfortable, supported, and set up to thrive as successful business owners.

If you’d love leading the behind-the-scenes efforts of our marketing engine & you want to be part of the team that brings this mission to life, then read on…this is just for you.

Marketing Operations Lead


Reporting to the Director of Operations, you’ll be responsible for making our current marketing efforts even better than they are and expanding our reach to new channels that we’re not already tapped into.

You’re juggling all the marketing balls – nurture content, automation funnels, launch runways, maybe even a Facebook ad or two – so that they all work well individually and together to make sure we meet our business goals.

To be a rockstar in this role, you’ll need to be strong at executing and getting the job done, while at the same time always looking for ways to get better…and then putting those new ideas into action. Continuous improvement is how you roll and you do it all with a natural balance between results & relationships to produce quality outcomes that make a real difference in the lives of our students.

  • Time Commitment: 15-20 hours/week with room to grow; Monday to Friday in any United States time zone; We’ll co-create the specific working schedule
  • Compensation: $30 – $35/hour USD, based on experience
  • Location: Anywhere in the United States – this role is fully remote
  • Status: This role is for a part-time employee. You must be available to be employed by our company and legally eligible to work in the United States.


Content Creation & Management

  • Share our message with the world by creating & managing the overall content calendar through a collaborative creation process. You’ll become our go-to for the planning, creation, and distribution of our content across multiple platforms. You’ll create the accountability to make sure that all the pieces get done on time & on plan.
  • Put your creative muscles to work by personally developing individual pieces of content to nurture our audience while fulfilling the plan. This means writing copy & designing visuals (Canva is our jam!) for both new & repurposed social media posts on 5 core channels – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • Show our followers some love by using content to build relationships and engagement with them. You know that marketing is all about building the know, like, and trust factors and you’re talented at doing this in a way that’s authentic and inspiring at the same time.
  • Pump up our podcastPrivate Practice Success Stories – by uncovering & implementing the best ways to let our audience know that we’ve created this incredible resource full of inspiration, learning, and real wins. It’s the inside scoop they never learned in grad school!

Online Marketing & Sales

  • Help followers become students by using fun & warm sales copy to promote our webinars, marketing events, program offerings, and ultimately to boost our launches. You’re a boss at both the art & science of using CTAs to move followers along the customer journey and inspire them to engage, sign up, and buy. It’s all based on trust and you’re a big part of bringing that to life.
  • Sharpen your eagle eye by digging into every step of our current marketing strategies, ideas, efforts, and funnels. You’re looking for all the dust bunnies and anything that gets in the way of these being effective, efficient, and creating results. 
  • Be the implementation master by finding all the ways that our marketing can be better & getting busy on the fixes. Making tweeks to a landing page to increase engagement & conversions, A/B testing email subject lines, or maybe updating the visuals & copy to make a page even better are exactly what you do.
  • Be on the hunt for ways we can expand our reach. Found a new way to get in front of our target audience? Great! Heard about a way to spread our message? Awesome! Know of a new platform we just gotta be on? Let’s do it! You’re on the pulse, keeping your marketing knowledge fresh, and bringing those new ideas to life.
  • Hit the ultimate goal by ensuring that all marketing roads lead to program enrollment. You know that every initiative adds up and builds on the last one so you’re creating a continuous chain that inspires students to take the next step on the journey and fills our programs month after month.

Data & Analytics

  • Be the resident data nerd by reviewing our analytics for email open rates, subject line effectiveness, hashtag performance, sales conversions, webinar registrations, show up rates, post engagement, and any other metrics that help us make smart, well-informed, & effective business decisions.


  • Jumping on the collaboration train by proactively huddling with the CEO and Director of Operations to help your ideas take shape, get aligned to the strategy, and get the big thumbs up. We love celebrating the wins along the way too so you love keeping us updated as you go.
  • Get to know us & let us get to know you by proactively building relationships with everyone at The Independent Clinician in our team meetings & outside of them too. We actually like each other around here!
  • Support the CEO & Director of Operations on other sales and/or marketing projects as requested.

This could be you if…

  • 2-4 years of experience in communications, copywriting, content creation, and/or marketing
  • You’re part storyteller and part teacher at heart & love making your audience feel seen, heard, and understood.
  • You’re a strong communicator. Whether it’s written or verbally, you strike a healthy balance between being honest, clear, and considering how your words & tone will make someone else feel.
  • You share our commitment to inspire & educate an audience of mainly women to believe that they’re capable of starting a business, living an amazing life, & creating a bigger impact through their work.
  • You’re driven to help us get our message out, in all the ways, to all the people who need to hear it the most.
  • You strike a healthy balance between analyzing data and using your instincts to make smart decisions that move the business forward.
  • You can take our big, exciting ideas & turn them into a fully executed event, piece of content, or other tangible outcome and you’re not afraid to guide us on the specific details of what needs to be done next to hit the goal.
  • You know your way around social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, IG, Pinterest, YouTube) and maybe have even dabbled in running Facebook ads in a past life.
  • Creating designs with tools like Canva has your name written all over it.
  • You love the idea of being the voice behind the brand. Your name may be out of sight, but your words will be front and centre. Your priority is to get the ideas out!
  • Detail, details, details! You know the details matter and you’d never dream of sending something out that doesn’t look just right. Typos & off brand ideas are a no-no.
  • You’re curious about the world of social selling and the idea of sliding into the DM’s with our audience sounds like fun.


  • You can build relationships with all kinds of people; always from a place of trust, transparency, and care.
  • No task is too big or too small for you. You’re ready to take responsibility, get your hands dirty, rally the team, and get it all done.
  • You’re an action-oriented, self-starter. You get your work done on time (or early) and pride yourself on not needing to be managed to meet your deadlines.
  • You’re personally committed to improving yourself, learning, and getting better every day.
  • When facing new challenges, you rely on your resourcefulness to get up to speed, find solutions, and make a meaningful impact.
  • You can take an idea and turn it into a step-by-step plan with accurate timelines and ways to keep all the right people updated as you go.
  • Crossing things off of your to-do list brings you the most joy. You’re on top of your tasks and don’t like to procrastinate! Why do tomorrow what you can do today?!


  • Asana to manage projects, assign tasks, and cross things off the list!
  • Slack for in-the-moment team conversations
  • Active Campaign to manage emails & communications
  • GSuite to create and share docs & spreadsheets
  • Canva to design graphics for social media & programs
  • Kajabi to host content & manage funnels
  • Zapier to connect multiple platforms

To apply 

If you’ve read this far & this sounds like you, click on this link to submit your application!



We are accepting initial applications from now until April 12th 12:00pm Eastern time.

As a company, we value diversity, equity, and inclusion. We encourage all people regardless of ethnicity, nationality, gender, race, ability, religion, sexual identity, or any other personal identifier, to apply, even if you don’t think you fit 100% of the criteria.

If you’ve been chosen to move forward to the interview, you’ll be notified shortly after your application is received. If you don’t hear from us, thank you so much for applying and we will keep your application for consideration in the future!

We’ll assess the top candidates in the following weeks (depending on how many applicants we have). If chosen, we’ll invite you to do a zoom interview.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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