How to Get Your Marketing Content Flowing!


So often, I feel the first thing people pass off to VAs or others is their marketing content. While I believe that many aspects of marketing should be handed off, the actual or original marketing content may need to come from you! This is the case if haven’t really found anyone who “gets it” when it comes to your tone or you’re building your brand and the ideas really need to come from your brain. But Oh my gah, it can be hard to get the space to write your own marketing content! (If this is the case, we should talk because you can get that space by tightening up other things in your biz and I love cracking the code). Anyway, here are my tips on how to get yourself into the flow of marketing yourself, specifically with blogging and instagram!

How to Get Your Marketing Content Flowing!

Here’s the deal:

I’m writing my own content right now from the 5th floor of Soho house Chicago– on a Sunday. Normally I’m all for the boundaries and not working on the weekend– but I love writing my stuff when I don’t feel like I’m drowning! And, I’m heading out of town this week so shifting some of the fun stuff for today! While I write my original copy, I do hand off some aspects of the marketing process (might be for another blog post more in depth- but essentially I pass off the editing, uploading, some photo curating, posting, scheduling to my team 🙂 )

If you are tired of depending on referrals, are on fire about what you can offer the world, and are ready to get your shit out there in a fun and easy way, read on for my advice that’s worked for me!

Say this over and over: Done is Better than Perfect.

Yep. This. Go ahead and get your B work out there– don’t wait for A plus. You have so much to offer the world and perfectionism can hinder so many of us (raising my hand as I’m a recovering perfectionist myself!) If you have a typo? Big effing deal. Once you find it, you fix it. (I write about my favorite resources for beating perfectionism here!)

Essentially, it doesn’t have to be perfect or perfectly aligned, just DO THE THING!

How to Get Your Marketing Content Flowing!

Use your longform content for your Instagram Content!

If you blog or write newsletters, take snippets of those and use them for your captions/editorial calendar on Instagram! It makes it SO.MUCH.EASIER than just trying to write captions in a vacuum. Of course, you can align your content with your sales goals and your offerings, but so much of the great content is giving value and advice to your audience– and that, my friend, can come from your blog posts and newsletters! You can make up to 10 (or whatever number) short form instagram posts from that! You bet your butt that’s what I’m doing on my Instagram feed!

How to Get Your Marketing Content Flowing!

Batch your shit.

It took me forever to take this advice because I was drowning in client work and didn’t even have the space in my brain to create my marketing content. After my business matured a bit and I got clearer about my brand, who I support, and how I show up, I am blowin’ up with the content ideas. And now that my business has solid systems and processes and I have team supporting me, I have the space to get inspired, outline, and write my content! I do have help with editing and uploading and such, but it feels so good to create the shit out of my blog posts when I’m feeling “in flow”. And when I’m there, I write and write and write using outlines that I’ve drafted, new ideas, and ideas I’ve been sitting on for a minute. I especially love writing and brainstorming at the airport for whatever reason. So instead of trying to blog once a week or whatever, I blog as much as I can or feel like when I have the time and space! And then my team can batch upload and I’m not the bottleneck– they have plenty o’ content to work with! (And often times when I write one blog post, I end up having enough content for multiple! This post has spawned at least 2 other blog posts!)

If you’re not so comfortable writing, get your ideas out, outline as much as you can, and get help either with editing or even doing the writing. If you’re comfortable enough writing and you love it, just do it! And when I say “get in flow” when you’re batching, remember that you don’t have to feel perfect about it. If you are the least bit inspired or feel like it, just do it!

How to Get Your Marketing Content Flowing!

Do Your Stories!

I know this is easier for some than others, but Stories is such a great and easy way to get your stuff out there! Show people your BTS (behind the scenes)! Tell your babes about what you’re offering and how you are transforming your clients! If lifestyle stuff is in alignment with your brand, show your people what you’re up to– be it traveling, going on your walks, whatever!

Again, done is better than perfect here, people. If you’re hair is curled and your makeup is on point, do a story. If you are in your leggings and no makeup but you feel compelled to do a baby sales pitch on insta stories, do it! Stories are the most efficient way for me to share with my audience what I’m up to and what I’m offering. My sales copy on my website takes a little longer as I am a bit meticulous with that! So stories is how I’m booking those introduction calls! Worst case scenario, your story is up for 24 hours. Want to follow some kick ass stories for inspiration? Get the 411 on my fave insta stories accounts here!

For Favorite Instagram stories to watch, go to my post here!

How to Get Your Marketing Content Flowing!

Choose some hashtags and follow them on Instagram

This is a little more about engagement, but I love following certain hashtags on instagram and liking those photos and following some of those accounts. But mostly, I love following hashtags because instagram recommends other hashtags when you do that! Ones that can still be in alignment with your target audience! So if you’re feeling stuck on the hashtags, follow some of your favorites and see what happens!

How to Get Your Marketing Content Flowing!

Evergreen, baby!

If you’re in a weird or transitional feeling place and not feeling super inspired to write marketing content, evergreen the shit out of your old content! Meaning, do instagram posts about older blogs, or idk, you can even re-write other posts and recycle other prompts! Everyone loves a #FridayIntroduction every so often! And make some #tipTuesday posts from your blog posts or random tip ideas in your brain hole. Did you appear on someone’s podcast– write about it on an insta post– here’s an example of when I did that! And this is EASY to hand off if you’re in the thick of other stuff. No matter what, you gotta show up for your audience and keep them warm! Consistency over everything, baby. Want more ideas? I have a whole ‘nother post about it!

How to Get Your Marketing Content Flowing!

In conclusion–

Wow. That was a long one! I outlined this when I was in flow flow fire after a retreat in Boulder and I’m loving writing it all out. So in summary, friends, write when you feel like it, your shit doesn’t need to be perfect but you need to be present and consistent for your community. And when you have space in your life, the marketing content will flow!

If you’re like “what does space even look or feel like!?”, we should talk! You can get to that spaciousness in your business! Click here to schedule a chat!

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