How not to Sabotage Your Business Growth


Stop sabotaging your business growth and hire team- Free Training July 30 2020 Meg K Co

Have you ever heard of the Upper Limiting Problem where you sabotage your own business growth? When you hit new levels of success and you exceed your threshold for success and accidentally sabotage your own growth?? (It’s a thing!)

But what would happen if you could tolerate even more success and keep expanding??

I’ve been talking to my friends about this and recently read the book, The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, about ways our fear kicks in and we accidentally self-sabotage when we hit new levels of success. These behaviors, or “upper limiting behaviors” can be anything from getting sick, breaking promises, procrastinating, picking fights with our partners, stopping our healthy habits like working out or other self-care behaviors, etc because we hold these limiting beliefs of what’s possible and we do things to bring ourselves back down.

I upper limited last week (I got sick- no, I don’t have Covid, I broke promises to myself to stop working after 6pm, I felt overly tired and wanted to sleep instead of work). I am understanding the overwhelm and resistance that my clients often feel when they hit huge growth. And I’m at the point where I’m needing more support, I’m recognizing my own upper limiting behaviors, and I’m having to prioritize caring for myself (forced fun, naps, and working only during work time).

I used to really feel for my clients but now I can empathize with the growing pains- or upper limiting problems so to speak!

Here’s what we can do to break through our upper limiting problems and continue to expand:

-First, your expansion is so important! What you offer the world is amazing and if you’re doing what you love (your brilliance work), you can truly live your best life and serve others at your highest capacity.

– You can notice your “upper limiting behaviors” lovingly- even naming them and talking about them with a few trusted folks can help.

– You can see time as not a commodity that you have little of, or even something that can be had- but you can rather see it as something that YOU create! Time comes from you! (the author of The Big Leap talks more about it- but he talks about Einstein’s time theories rather than the older Newtonian theories- for anyone who happens to like physics lol) This same theory comes into play with how time flies when you’re having fun and time slows down when you’re bored. But I’ll tell you, when I stopped feeling like a victim to time and stopped saying “I don’t have time” but instead saw time as something that comes from me, that changed things.

Okay- so here’s how we leverage team to foster this expansion:

  • Team or other support can afford you the space to prioritize your self-care– so you build resiliency and can stay healthy.
  • Team to do the other stuff in your business so you create more space for you to do your brilliance work! This is the work that lights you on fire and when you do these things, you blow up in the best way! When you’re doing everything, you’re getting in your own way of growth.

If you’re curious about what kind of support you can have in place to best help you (even if you’ve hired a VA or whatever before), I would love to invite you to my free hiring training this Thursday!!

And maybe as you’re thinking about expanding and getting help, maybe these limiting thoughts are popping up:

  • who am I to hire a team?
  • how do I even teach people how to do things that are inside of my brain?
  • omg I’m so tired where do I begin?
  • won’t it be more work trying to delegate things?

I want you to know that these thoughts are normal and when we release them, so much is possible! And when we grow, it’s OKAY to need support! And once we accept that we need support, so much more is possible!

So, if you are feeling growth (or you know you are at the cusp of growth) and if you’ve been curious about scaling your business through hiring support, I would love for you to come to my FREE Hiring Training this Thursday!

Seriously, if you’ve been curious about hiring or ever thinking about it, this hour training is an awesome place to start! I will walk you through the different types of support you can hire and we will workshop through who your next hire could be!

I hope you’ll join us!

In upper limiting and growth solidarity xo,



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