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Lead Publicist Job Posting at the Human Connection Agency

Imagine that you’re doing the PR work that you love but for an agency that cares not only about its clients but also about its employees. The work is fast-paced with the flexibility of working remotely. You  do really fun work of creating pitches to print and tv media for clients that are inspiring and making a difference. You work on a values driven team that leads with integrity, honesty, and community building. Though you’re working from home, you have an amazing community of team members and clients to interact with daily. If this sounds like your kind of PR job, keep reading. 

We are The Human Connection Agency, a PR agency for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and businesses. We are highly selective with who we represent and we work exclusively with business owners who are creating a big impact in the world, for the better. Yes, we’re a PR agency but we get to see the difference our clients make on people’s lives. If you’re looking for more than the regular, corporate day-to-day PR and you’re not interested in pitching for low impact brands, you’re in the right place. 

We are hiring a Lead Publicist to join our small but growing agency. We are a female-led agency that provides full-service PR for online service providers and product-based companies. Our services focus on podcasts, publications, and television, depending on our clients’ goals. 

We have a small and mighty team– we’re excited to add another lead publicist to our team so that we can continue to provide excellent service to even more clients! 

Lead Publicist


Reporting to the CEO, you’ll be responsible for being the lead on 9+ of our client accounts and creating strategy that will amplify the impact of our clients’ messages and work. We work primarily with entrepreneurs and online business owners. 

You’ll have the support of a junior publicist for drafting pitches as well as a podcast publicist who will assist on your accounts with podcast strategy and pitching. You’ll be the main point of contact to the client and in charge of traditional media- TV and publications. 

To be really great at this role, you’ll need to be strong at multitasking and working on multiple accounts at once. 

  • Location: This role is fully remote. This position starts as a 90 day contract position. This position may become a part-time W-2 employment role after the initial contract period as a part-time non-exempt employee. You must be authorized to work in the US and located in the US. 
  • Time Commitment: Full-time
  • Availability Requirements: 

– online everyday M-F (excluding holidays), flexible but consistent hours within the 8am-5pm CST window

– Respond to emails with clients and podcast hosts with a 12-24 hour turnaround M-F

– client calls the first week of each month (starting at 6-7 hours of client calls)

– team calls for one hour on Mondays and a midweek touch base call mid week 

  • Compensation: $30/hour (annualized is roughly $57,600) with 3 weeks of paid vacation

We are a company that highly values diversity, equity, and inclusion. We encourage Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, LGBTQIA+ and those who hold marginalized identities not listed to apply, even if you don’t think you fit 100% of the criteria.


Strategize and execute the publicity plans for your clients focusing on publications and tv interviews. You can jump into the emerging industry of online entrepreneurs and personalities and create plans that will move our clients forward in alignment with their publicity goals. You will also be overseeing the podcast publicity strategy and will team up with our in house podcast publicist. You are pitching new stories on your clients’ behalf to publications and tv and ensuring that the strategy is cohesive across all media. You’re also monitoring and responding to HAROs. 

Take excellent care of our clients. You are THE lead of your accounts. With the support of our podcast publicist and junior publicist, you are in charge of keeping all of the balls in the air. You are the main point of contact with our clients and will lead monthly touchpoint calls with your clients. You pay attention to the details and go the extra mile! Their success is your success. 

Stay in the loop with what’s current and relevant in the media. You’re also working on cultivating and maintaining relationships with journalists to play the long game for the success of our clients’ publicity efforts. When you’re not writing pitches or cultivating relationships, you’re on the hunt for new journalists, publications, etc to add to our agency’s lists. 

Collaborate with our team. As the Lead Publicist, your primary responsibility and success metric is the placements you land for your clients. And we believe in team collaboration to make sure everyone has what they need. Your team responsibilities include updating the team and CEO on your accounts, prioritizing which accounts need immediate attention, pitching story  ideas for your clients, and supporting the other team members when flushing out pitch ideas. We are a tight knit team and meet internally weekly and talk frequently on Slack in between meetings. You’re also responsible for working inside of our project management software– we believe in frequent and consistent communication to ensure that our remote team functions optimally. You will also collaborate with team to decide where our quarterly donation will do– we take a portion of the company’s proceeds each quarter and donate to an organization that uplifts and supports marginalized communities. 

This role could be for you if: 

–you have 3-5 years of PR agency experience as a lead publicist

– you are an excellent writer! 

– you are detail oriented. 

– while you work fast, you always double check your work. 

– you aren’t afraid to multi-task and handle multiple accounts at once. You’re really great at prioritizing and not getting lost in overwhelm and analysis paralysis. While we don’t operate like most agencies, there is an urgency and fast-paced work environment that comes with the media and PR. 

– you are knowledgeable about the media industry and how it works

–you love to bring fresh ideas to the table to help clients reach their publicity goals

–you are okay with the rejection that happens when every pitch doesn’t land

– you take initiative and prioritize imperfect and timely action over striving for perfect action (you’re the ask for forgiveness instead of permission type of person when it comes to ideas and pitches). You know how to move on from a mistake and do better next time. 

– you know that mistakes are part of the game and while you strive for excellence, you can recover quickly from mistakes or pitches that bomb. 

– you are interested in being a female-led, positive work culture with purpose-driven clients.

– you value integrity and honesty, even (especially) when it’s uncomfortable

– you are open to challenging team or clients if pitches are out of integrity or misaligned with company values

– you can communicate tactfully and respectfully. 

– you own up to your mistakes (Human Connection Agency is a company where imperfect action is allowed and has a culture of taking responsibility and owning up to mistakes)

– you’re open to working in a agency where we will say “NO” to media opportunities if they  are not in the best interest in a PR perspective for our clients

– you want to work on a close-knit, remote team

– bonus: you are familiar with the online biz world

– you are comfortable doing the heavy lifting of strategy, in other words, you are creative and love coming up with unique ways in which you can pitch clients (this is NOT a role where we will tell you what to pitch- it’s up to our publicists to work creativity within certain parameters- there’s a lot of room for creativity of topic ideas that we can pitch) 

– you’ve read about our company’s values and you’re on board and can see yourself thriving in a company with these values– https://brittneyllynn.com/values/


Asana (project management software) 

Slack (team communication software) 

Voxer (team communication software) 

MuckRack (or similar) 

Google Drive- GSuite

To apply: 

Click on this link!  https://airtable.com/shrDoIQuM0BYcSpc5  


We are accepting initial applications from now until Monday May 10th at 12pm Central Time. 

You will be notified shortly thereafter if you have been chosen to move forward in our hiring process. If you don’t hear from us, thank you so much for applying, and we will keep your application for consideration in the future!

We will ask follow up questions, interview and test the top candidates the following weeks (depending on how many applicants we have.) If chosen, we will invite you to do a video call interview and a possible paid test (working interview). 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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