Customer Success and Marketing Assistant At Food Biz Wiz


Customer Support and Marketing Assistant for Online Biz (that helps people in the food biz)

The Assistant at Food Biz Wiz (FBW) is integral to the client, student and community’s positive experience with our products and services. The assistant ensures that the recurring behind-the-scenes tasks never slip through the cracks, and supports the leaders of our organization so that we can perform at our highest levels. One goal of this role is to support our paying students and future students in knowing that they are the lifeblood of our business. The other goal of this role is to support the CEO with marketing projects, outreach, and general administrative tasks. 


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The assistant position is a remote Employee position that starts at $17-$20/hour, with estimated 20-25 hours per week. 

About Food Biz Wiz™/ Allison Ball Consulting: FBW is a business started by Allison Ball in 2014. Alli is a former grocery buyer turned wholesale consultant who helps producers of packaged product in the food, beverage and wellness industry understand how to get on the retail shelf (be it in brick & mortar locations or on e-commerce shelves) through her signature online course, Retail Ready®. In addition to Retail Ready, Alli has a weekly podcast, a physical planner to help food business owners set & achieve their business goals, and several other digital and in-person opportunities for her clients, students and community to learn about scaling their wholesale businesses. We support hundreds of paying students annually.



Active Campaign



Thinkific- Online Course and Community Platform




Facebook Groups



Later (social media scheduler)




Time Commitment: 

– 20 hours a week

– Online everyday M-F

– Respond to all inquiries and communications within 24 hours M-F 

– Weekly Zoom Meetings

– Daily Slack Check Ins 

– Daily Instagram Engagement M-F

– Attend Coaching Calls on first and third Wednesday of the month from 11:00AM-12:30PM Pacific Time

– Daily Facebook Group Management M-F


TO APPLY: Click on this link! 


Customer Success Support: (pre and post–sale)


  • Customer Service Pre-Sale: Note: there is no cold outreach, only inbound inquiries and questions and Assistant has access to documentation to answer questions and sell Retail Ready Program
    • Sell the program to prospective students in DMs
    • Sell the program to prospective students in the email inbox 
    • Answer questions participants have during automated sales webinar



  • Retail Ready Student Support: Retail Ready is our paid online course, and we know that our paying customers are the highest priority. As such, the Assistant’s duties here include:


    • Community management within our private Facebook group – scheduling recurring posts, cheerleading students throughout the week, and answering FAQs within the group. 
    • Email support & customer service: answer students technical questions via email and manage the Customer Support Inbox
    • Payment support: following up on failed payments from student’s payment plans
    • Updating copy & text on the student’s course platform, after each coaching call and otherwise as needed.
    • Coordination of our monthly guest lecturers with calendar support & pre-lecture information
    • Attend the 2 monthly coaching calls and take notes with time stamps


Marketing Support: 



  • Podcast Support: The Food Biz Wiz podcast publishes episodes each Thursday, and the Assistant’s duties include:


    • Editing of weekly show notes
    • Graphics creation from Canva templates
    • Adding notes & images to our website
    • Coordinating guest speakers on the podcast
    • Creation of promotional quote graphics & videos from recorded episodes
    • Promoting the podcast episode weekly on social media platforms
    • Remind CEO about scheduling time to batch episodes



  • Social Media:


    • Instagram: Managing direct messages and outreaching to new followers
    • Weekly promotion of podcast episodes
    • Weekly stories promoting our student’s success
    • Misc. posted as needed 
    • Respond to social media comments
    • Graphics creation from Canva templates



  • Outreach: 


    • Pitch CEO for speaking engagements
    • Pitch CEO for Podcasts
    • Outreach for potential Joint Venture projects



  • Content Creation: 


    • Create Captions for marketing videos using transcription services
    • Copywriting: create drafts of newsletter and social media posts


General Support: 


  • Manage the CEO’s Email Inbox
  • Manage the CEO’s calendar
  • Support CEO with appointments
  • Update SOPs as needed
  • Attend team meetings
  • Daily Slack Check Ins
  • Solve Tech Problems in the business (broken link in the funnel, get on customer support, etc)
  • Update weekly KPI & Cash Flow Spreadsheets from marketing funnels and handoff to CEO



This could be you if: 

– You love plug and play and doing repeatable tasks.

– You get a thrill out (and deep personal satisfaction) in helping someone find a solution.

– You are excited to report to the CEO and receive direction from future managers.

– You are solution oriented and forward thinking.

– You can anticipate and read people well when it comes to supporting customers.

– You love to work from empathy when supporting customers.

– You are resourceful (and love google and youtube tutorials or reaching out to tech support).

– You see the value in batching content and planning ahead (and working smarter, not harder)– in other words, you love a smart and efficient workflow!

– You take initiative.

– You pride yourself on being friendly, warm, and approachable.

– You see sales as service and you can get behind our product, Retail Ready!  

– You are excited to collaborate on a team.

– You have an interest in supporting folks in the Food Industry!

– You LOVE standard operating procedures and following and updating pre-made processes! 

– You are interested in doing light copywriting for social media and newsletters.

– You’re a great writer! 

– You love to double and triple check your work, especially when posting to social media. 

– You have a knack for remembering things– for example, if a student were to ask a question about setting up shopify for their brand, you’d remember that we had a training session on shopify three months ago and link to the replay for the student!

– You’re confident that you can replicate our brand’s voice using brand guides

– You can keep up with a fast-paced environment and not let perfectionism slow you down from getting the job done. 

– You have an interest in coaching and helping entrepreneurs make it. 

– You love to encourage people and have an interest in helping people get unstuck and out of their own way. 

– You have an eye for design and love making graphics in canva using brand guidelines. You naturally have an eye for what works and what doesn’t. 

– You like chatting and connecting with people

– If an emerging brand reaches out in the DMs, you’d enjoy getting to know their brand and helping them asses whether Retail Ready is the right fit for their business. 

– You are someone who is excited for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training, learning about systemic racism in the food industry and doing our part in addressing it. 

– While you don’t need experience in the food industry, you love food and know that, for example, Kombucha is a beverage and Cider means a beverage with alcohol. 




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We are accepting initial applications from now until Wednesday September 23, 4:00 pm PT


You will be notified shortly thereafter if you have been chosen to move forward into the interview process. If you don’t hear from us, thank you so much for applying, and we will keep your application for consideration in the future!


We will interview and test the top candidates the following weeks (depending on how many applicants we have.) If chosen, you’re available to do a video call interview. 


We can’t wait to hear from you!

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