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Food Biz Wiz™ is hiring a Podcast & Communications Assistant to support our team with podcast promotion, and related communications projects. 

Imagine working on a close-knit remote team that is creating real impact for thousands of small business owners, and millions of consumers around the globe.  Your role is directly related to promoting a company and resource that empowers unique and emerging food brands to hit the shelves of mainstream markets. If you love problem solving, writing (think podcast show notes and repurposing a treasure trove of already written content and optimizing it for new platforms), creating an online community around shared values, and learning and mastering new softwares and owning these processes, this is for you! 

Food Biz Wiz® was founded by Allison Ball in 2014. Alli is a former grocery buyer turned wholesale consultant who helps producers of packaged product in the food, beverage and wellness industry understand how to get on the retail shelf through her signature online course, Retail Ready®. Alli also hosts the Food Biz Wiz Podcast to support CPG brands in launching, growing, and scaling packaged product. 

The Food Biz Wiz team is a small, tight-knit, and fully remote team across the US. Alli and her team partner with clients ranging from up-and-coming food entrepreneurs, to growing brands, to well-established companies. Our clients are focused on boosting local food systems, creating meaningful connections over food, and committed to sustainable food practices. We also work to dismantle systemic racism in our food industry through addressing it in our content, facilitating conversations, and elevating food brands founded by POC and other folks with marginalized identities. 

To get a feel for our team culture: we value curiosity, we ask questions, brainstorm and open ourselves to solutions. We are learners and in it together to bring the most impact that we can in the work that we do in the food industry. We support a community that is  ready to work hard and make changes in their businesses so that they too can have a big impact in the food scene. Here’s more on our core beliefs-https://www.instagram.com/p/CHZBxyBhJ7g/

Podcast & Communications Assistant Role Overview

The Podcast & Communications Assistant supports in producing and promoting our weekly podcast. This role also owns content repurposing to create new newsletter and social media content as well as moderating our podcast’s Facebook group. The PCA also trouble shoots any tech issues that arise in our communications softwares. 

Availability requirements: 

10 hours per week

– Thursdays 9:00-9:30 AM PT for Podcast Responsibilities

– Mondays Wednesdays Fridays for 1-2 hours in the window of 7:00 AM- 11AM PT for Facebook Group Management

– Remaining hours are flexible M-F

Compensation: Starting at $17 per hour

Status: part-time W2 Employee- candidates must be authorized to work in the US 



– Attend in weekly team zoom meetings

– Daily Slack check ins 

– Track metrics data and put into KPI spreadsheet 

– Create and update Standard Operating Procedures as needed

Podcast Management: 

– Coordinate and schedule podcast guests and podcast sponsors

– Write show notes for weekly episodes

– Write and schedule weekly newsletter blast and social media posts for podcast

– Upload podcast to website weekly 

– Engage with podcast audience on instagram 

Podcast Facebook Group Community Management: 

– Accept new members, respond to member comments and encourage members

– Write, create and schedule posts per our content calendar strategy

– Moderate comments

– Provide additional support for our quarterly challenges/launches 

Communication & Tech Support: 

– Support and maintain the behind-the-scenes software and tech systems

-Fix broken links

-Troubleshoot tech errors in softwares

-Create landing pages as needed

-Management of email automations: repurposing content, scheduling emails, learning our tagging system, etc.

Content Repurposing: 

– Repurpose content in weekly newsletter

– Find trends from past email newsletters that we can tweak and replicate for future use

– Repurpose content for social platforms we’ve not yet tapped into (ie LinkedIn) 

– Repurpose videos- for example, take FB live content and post onto IGTV

This could be you if:  

-You are supremely organized and love a good project management spreadsheet or to-do list.

-You love grammar and writing for a particular brand voice. You’re an excellent writer. 

-You know your way around Facebook and Instagram and enjoy engaging with people on these platforms

-You love thinking about podcasting as a marketing tool, and can connect the dots between listeners, subscribers, and paying students

-You aren’t afraid of ActiveCampaign (or similar), our email management tool. Looking at an email automation lights you up, and your brain synapses fire when you think about email automations, segmentations and tags. 

-You love good visual design, and are comfortable making choices around what looks visually appealing on a website or social media post (even if you aren’t a graphic design pro). 

– Tech does not intimidate you. If you don’t know a platform, you know what you need to do to get proficient in a new tech platform. 

– You’re willing to go the extra mile– if you don’t know how to do something, you’ll chat with customer support and find the necessary training materials. 

– While you love team collaboration, you also can work well independently in a remote environment. 

– You love early and frequent feedback. You can see yourself thriving in a highly engaged and accountable work environment- for example, we do frequent check ins and give visual read receipts on team messages in Slack to make sure we’re on the same page. 

– Know that you’ll thrive on a solutions-oriented team, who considers themselves optimistic and forward-thinking. While we recognize the challenges that come along with being in the food industry, we use all of the tools possible to help our listeners and students feel educated, empowered, and supported.

– You like to find patterns and connections, whether it be in noticing how the Food Biz Wiz brand voice shows up in copy, seeing what sorts of subject lines get the highest click rate, or remembering when we addressed a listener’s question a few months ago in a past podcast episode. You like to notice and connect the dots for our team, our listeners, and our students. 













Google suite


Google Calendar 


Success in this role includes (and is not limited to) : 

– Podcast produced and published every week

– Responses to communications in our public Facebook group M-F within 24 hours

– Response to team communication within or before 6 hours during business hours

– Engaging and salient Podcast show notes with no grammar mistakes in the final draft per the Food Biz Wiz brand voice

We are a company that highly values diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We encourage BIPOC (Black/Brown, Indigenous, and other People of Color) and LGBTQIA+ people to apply. 

To apply:  Click on this link! https://forms.gle/LUjwaHk6joSVxNVFA  


We are accepting initial applications from now until Thursday March 4th at 12:00 PM PT. 

You will be notified shortly thereafter if you have been chosen to move forward into the interview process. If you don’t hear from us, thank you so much for applying, and we will keep your application for consideration in the future!

We will interview and test the top candidates the following weeks (depending on how many applicants we have.) If chosen, we will invite you to do a video call interview. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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