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Your business is growing fast, and you need help you can trust to keep the momentum going. 

You’ve worked hard to get your business to the stage it's at now: you’ve got a sellable offer, great clients that are aligned with your values, and a portfolio of work you’re super proud of. 

But you’re at max capacity and hitting your next revenue goal isn’t going to happen without support from people who will match your energy for the work you do. 

You’ve tried hiring on your own, but it’s been a nightmare up until this point. You’re fed up with flaky contractors that someone in your mastermind group recommended to you...the constant oversight defeats the point of delegating, right? Right.

And as much as you’d love to outsource your hiring and get this off your plate, the cash just isn’t there, on top of paying for the actual new hire.

So rather than expand, you’re stuck in the weeds, trying to keep your head above water. All while passing up yet another invitation for a podcast appearance or a creative collaboration that would take your business to the next level.

 I see you, because I was you. I know it feels like a tough spot to be in, but you don’t have to be stuck here forever. 

We created a solution to help you uplevel your business, without the full investment of outsourced recruiting. Our DIY Hiring Course moves you out of this “stuck” stage with a straight-forward process to fill the gaps in your business, at a price point you can feel good about. 


Imagine what it would feel like to…

Have a step-by-step, customizable path towards attracting and hiring diverse candidates for a role your business truly needs;

Confidently delegate to people you trust, so you can stop spending your limited time on day-to-day operations and client interfacing and more time on creativity, thought leadership, and forward planning. 

Teach me how to hire!

Enjoy more longevity with your hires, even your contractors (yes, you’re right - contractors are meant to be temporary for US-based companies, BUT getting the right ones in will help best prepare you and build out the roles for when the time comes to hire employees);

Bring together a curated team of folks who are bought in, motivated, and care deeply for your company and the people you serve; 

That’s exactly what you get when you take control of your hiring with the support of our online course, and we can’t wait to show you how!

Introducing: The DIY Hiring Online Course

A comprehensive template library and accompanying instructional videos to guide you through every stage of the recruiting and hiring process, including preparing for hire, writing job ads, interview scripts, screening criteria, offer letters, and more.


12 months of unlimited access to the program content via Thinkific, including all instructional videos, that you can refer back to at any time.


Direct access to our team of recruiting and hiring experts for questions and feedback about your specific process.


Additional templates and workbook to complement the instructional videos and guide you as you work through the modules.


BONUS: 1 Free Job Post to the Meg K Co Community (value $250), ensuring your job ad gets in front of a diverse group of candidates.


Here’s what’s waiting for you inside:

Everything you need to know to confidently take hiring into your own hands and scale your business with intention. 

Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best 

Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best 

"In just a couple of hours, you will be ready to pursue hiring on your own, which is an invaluable skill and often holds businesses back from growth."


Kira La Forgia, CEO and HR Pro at The Paradigm

Throughout the course, you’ll gain the clarity you need to identify the right role for your business, rather than a generic role your competitor’s are hiring. Plus, you’ll learn the steps to build a sustainable hiring funnel that brings in the most aligned candidates, each and every time you run a search.

I’m ready, teach me how!

This course isn’t just about finding that “one perfect unicorn” hire.

(spoiler: looking for that unicorn is the wrong way to go about hiring!) 

It’s about understanding what role your business needs to thrive right now, and establishing a sound system to attract the best folks for that role. 

After putting in the work involved in this course, you’ll understand how to optimize your business, and yourself as a leader, for long term success with a team that embodies your vision as it grows and evolves.

Is the DIY Hiring course right for you?

We think so if…

Your business is growing quickly and you need support to sustain it;

You’ve tried navigating the hiring process on your own in the past, but are discouraged because it hasn’t worked out;

You’re looking for hiring guidance, but aren’t quite ready for the financial investment of outsourcing this work;

You’re ready to become a boss and take the next step in your business by letting someone else in;

You have a clear mission and vision that guide all your work;

You believe that diversity makes us better, and that all people should have equal and fair access to opportunities regardless of their race, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

Probably not quite yet if…

You’re looking for someone to take recruiting and hiring off your plate completely and outsource this work (if that’s you, check out our DFY Hiring Service!)

You’re still getting your business off the ground and working on establishing its fundamental elements, like your mission statement and vision;

Your business doesn’t yet have a scalable offer or product that has proven to generate revenue/sales. 

You have set ways of hiring and aren’t open to doing things differently;

You already have someone in mind you would like to hire for your role.

Let’s talk investment

Ready to learn our signature hiring formula that will make you feel like an empowered boss?

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for one year access



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*If you are looking to offload the hiring process entirely, we also offer a complete DFY Hiring package.

Hi, I’m Meg!

I founded Meg K + Co to support socially conscious business owners who are ready for leadership with sustainable hiring practices that prioritize their vision, values, and goals.

​​I’ve been hiring for years and have been learning from the inside of our very specific online industry. I’ve curated that knowledge inside this self-paced course to give you the most efficient and ethical way to get the right support on your team.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the course:

Module 1: Getting Started

Module 1: Getting Started

Before we get started with the actual hiring part, there are some important decisions you’ll have to make as a leader. We’ll go over everything you need to know to make the best decisions based on your business, the holes you need to fill, and your long term goals. 
The module includes: 
- How to build the right role
- The difference between an employee vs. contractor
- Set a fair salary range 
- Establish Candidate Success Criteria

Module 2: Build the Funnel

Module 2: Build the Funnel

You’ll learn how to build an organized and efficient hiring system that makes the most of your time, so you’re not wasting precious hours on processes and people who don’t serve you. 
The module includes:
- Hiring Funnel Overview
- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion non-negotiables
- Stand out and share your mission and values
- All about the Job Ad (name the role and job ad examples) 
- Create your Application
- Posting Strategy

Module 3: Work the Funnel

Module 3: Work the Funnel

Time to cast a wide net! Get guidance on how to increase the likelihood of recruiting talent with diverse backgrounds. You’ll learn how to put your values into action and conduct a job search that includes folks belonging to marginalized identities and experiences (which is good for your business!)
The module includes:
- How to Screen Candidates
- All about Interviews
- Test Project
- Make the Offer
- What to do Next?
- Rinse and Repeat!

Supplementary Material 

Supplementary Material 

Actionable tools you need to stay organized throughout the entire journey.
- Question and Feedback Request Form Link
- Sample Job Posting for “Hiring Strategist at Meg K + Co”
- Hiring Workbook

Sound too good to be true? We promise it’s not!

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We’re here to help!


Do I really need this? Can’t I just hire based off of referrals? 

We know that sounds like the easiest way to do things, but it’s neither a sustainable business strategy nor a fair process. If you believe in an equitable hiring process, it’s crucial that you give opportunities to a wider candidate pool.


 Will this make the hiring process easy for me? 

The hiring process takes time and effort no matter what. This course will help you have the most efficient and ethical way to go through the process with support, so you don’t waste time on things that don’t work for you.


 So, I have to pay for this course, and then pay the person I hire on top of that?

I get it, it feels like a lot of costs upfront. But hiring the right away lowers your risk of attrition*, which reduces your costs in the long run. 

*Note, we can’t guarantee there will not be attrition since we can’t control human behavior. But a sound recruiting and hiring process drastically decreases the risk.


Will going through this process guarantee me a hire? 

No - nothing involving human behavior is ever guaranteed. Following this process will ensure you have the best chance at finding aligned support for you, and knowing this process means that you’ll have more confidence and ability to fill roles in your company in the future. The course also gives you tips on what you may need to change and tweak in your postings if you’re not finding the right support. 


If there’s a resource I want and it’s not there, then what? Are you going to add anything to the course? 

Yes! Based on your feedback, requests, and questions, I will be adding more templates and resources periodically to the course! My aim here is to get you what you need and to support you (while not taking shortcuts and sticking to best practice and due process.)


How will this course help me bring DE and I into my hiring process? 

I link to valuable resources from BIPOC folks which you can pay and learn from for meaningful and lifelong DE and I work. We go through common myths and mistakes that are normal in a lot of hiring processes and we break down why they aren’t an equitable process. 

Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best 

Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best Our clients say it best 

“Learning about hiring from Meg has been super helpful and gives me a lot of clarity."


Alma Bradford, Meg K Co agency client and workshop attendee

If you’re ready to:

Take Control of Your Hiring

Embrace Your 
Leadership Role

Better Serve 
Your Clients

By learning the ins and outs of our signature process for yourself.

Have more capacity for thought work and forward planning.

And confidently delegate to a trusted team member.

Then the DIY Hiring Course is for you!

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