Updated June 4, 2020

Commitments as a person and Business:

At Meg K and Co, we are committed to:

-continuing to speak up for Black people and Brown and Indigineous People of Color. 

-donating each month to a bail fund organization, an advocacy or resource organization for BBIPOC, and to political organizations that support anti-racist politicians to get into office. 

-continued reflection of how I operate my business to be inclusive and equitable and have excellent outcomes for everyone, especially any BBIPOC clients. 

-bettering my recruiting practices to recruit from more diverse platforms to give more opportunities to BBIPOC without tokenizing people. 

Police brutality and violence towards Black people and People of Color is unacceptable. Racism and White Supremacy are pervasive and need to be dismantled by White people for the liberation of Black people and People of Color. Racism is a matter of life or death. 

–Megan K Baker

Resources: Getting Started on Anti-Racism work:

Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources

The Great Unlearn by Rachel Cargle

Monique Melton- Anti-Racism Educator

Article: Dear White People, this is what you want you to do by Inside the Kandi Dish

An Article from Business Insider: Police rioted this weekend, justifying the point of protests

Resources for Business: 

Trudi Lebron- Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Strategist

Erica Courdae- Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Strategist

Article: How to Create Diversity within Your Online Business by Rachel Rodgers:

Advocacy and where you can donate: 

Chicago Community Bond Fund:

Southern Poverty Law Center:

Black Birth Workers:

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