Content Marketing Manager at Autoimmune Strong


We are Autoimmune Strong – an online fitness program designed for people living with autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain.

In our world, living with chronic pain doesn’t mean that your life has to stop. Just the opposite.

“One day I came across Autoimmune Strong and it gave me hope that I could be strong enough to get back to dancing the night away at a party. It was difficult at first to do the program every week but now that a buddy system has been introduced it’s been great having my buddy remind me to do the workouts. It’s nice to know that if she can do it, I can do it!” – Elizabeth S.

Here at Autoimmune Strong, our message to our members is this…We’ll teach you how to use gentle exercise that works WITH your body, not against it. We are strong. We are not our disease. Taking it step-by-step leads to more confidence & the physical, mental, and emotional strength to live your life in full color! 

That’s exactly what we help our members do.

Our Founder, Andrea Wool, designed this program to help our members exercise in a way that feels good to their bodies with an overflow of the love, support, and ease they need to discover who they really are.

Our membership is growing and we’re so excited to take that to the next level with the addition of a Content Marketing Manager to our team!

Content Marketing Manager


In this role, you’ll support the storytelling and content curation initiatives of the Autoimmune Strong program, reporting directly to our Founder, Andrea Wool.

Alongside Andrea, you’ll create and execute a consistent and cohesive content marketing strategy across all platforms – email, social media, our website – and there may even be a podcast in our future! 

To be a rockstar in this role, you’ll need to lead with care & kindness while bringing experience with online community building, sales & marketing through digital platforms, and a clear desire to learn how fitness (done the right way) can have a positive impact on people living with autoimmune disease & chronic pain.

  • Time Commitment: 45 hours per month (approx. 10 – 12 per week) with room to grow; Monday to Friday; specific hours can be flexible to fit the business needs & your lifestyle
  • Compensation: Commensurate with experience
  • Location: Anywhere in the United States – this role is fully remote
  • Status: This role is for an independent contractor.


Content Creation & Management

  • Share our message with the world by creating & managing the overall content strategy through a collaborative creation process. You’ll become our go-to for the planning, creation, and distribution of our content across multiple platforms. You’ll step into owning the content calendar and create the accountability to make sure that all the pieces get done on time & on plan.
  • Put your creative muscles to work by personally developing individual pieces of content to fulfill the strategy & plan. This means writing copy & designing visuals (Canva is our jam!) for both new & repurposed social media posts, emails, blogs, and other pieces we have in the vault.
  • Pull a content rabbit out of the hat by actively sourcing & building a library of ready & relevant topics to keep our community informed & inspired at any time. You proactively pick up brilliant content ideas that casually get dropped in meetings, on coaches calls, or maybe in the Facebook group. You grab them, add them to the list, & bring them to the next content planning meeting so the idea can take shape.
  • Hold our brand & vision in high integrity by proofreading and being the last stop copy-editor before anyone hits publish. You keep your own knowledge of our core content topics sharp & current so you can play this role really well. You make sure our voice is clean, clear, and authentic…always.
  • Show our communities some love by leading with education and ending with connection. However you do it, you’re there to make sure our community members feel seen, supported, inspired, and motivated to take the next step on their journey.

Online Marketing & Sales

  • Help followers become members by using smart & warm sales copy to promote our marketing & member events, share our program offerings, and boost our launches. You’re a boss at both the art & science of using CTAs to move followers to engage, sign up, and buy. It’s all based on trust and you’re a big part of bringing that to life.

Data & Analytics

  • Be the resident data nerd by reviewing our analytics for email open rates, hashtag performance, post engagement, and any other metric that helps us make smart, well-informed, & effective business decisions.

Team Collaboration

  • Get to know us & let us get to know you by proactively building relationships with everyone at Autoimmune Strong in our team meetings & outside of them too. We actually care about & like each other around here!
  • Support the Founder on other sales and/or marketing projects as requested.

This could be you if…

  • 2-4 years of experience in communications, copywriting, content creation, and/or marketing
  • You’re part storyteller and part teacher at heart & love making your audience feel seen, heard, and understood.
  • You’re a strong communicator. Whether it’s written or verbally, you strike a healthy balance between being honest, clear, and considering how your words & tone will make someone else feel.
  • You share our commitment to inspire & educate people living with autoimmune disease that there is another way to create wellness & healing in their lives.
  • You’re ready & prepared to develop a baseline level of knowledge on the topics of autoimmune disease & living with chronic pain. You don’t need to be the expert (that’s Andrea!), but we look to you to make sure the messaging is married to credibility, data, and facts.
  • You’re driven to help us get our message out, in all the ways, to all the people who need to hear it the most.
  • You strike a healthy balance between analyzing data and using your instincts to make smart decisions that move the business forward.
  • You can take the Founder’s big, exciting ideas & turn them into a fully executed event, piece of content, or other tangible outcome and you’re not afraid to guide her on the specific details of what needs to be done next to hit the goal.
  • You know your way around social media platforms (Facebook, IG, Pinterest, YouTube) and creating designs with tools like Canva has your name written all over it.
  • You love the idea of being the voice behind the brand. Your name may be out of sight, but your words will be front and centre. Your priority is to get the ideas out!
  • Detail, details, details! You know the details matter and you’d never dream of sending something out that doesn’t look just right. Typos & off brand ideas are a no-no.
  • You can build relationships with all kinds of people; always from a place of trust, transparency, and care.
  • Any experience with (or clear desire to learn) all the steps to successfully launch & manage a podcast is an asset- but not a requirement.


  • No task is too big or too small for you. You’re ready to take responsibility, get your hands dirty, rally the team, and get it all done.
  • You’re an action-oriented, self-starter. You get your work done on time (or early) and pride yourself on not needing to be managed to meet your deadlines.
  • You’re personally committed to improving yourself, learning, and getting better every day.
  • When facing new challenges, you rely on your resourcefulness to get up to speed, find solutions, and make a meaningful impact.
  • You can take an idea and turn it into a step-by-step plan with accurate timelines and ways to keep all the right people updated as you go.
  • Crossing things off of your to-do list brings you the most joy. You’re on top of your tasks and don’t like to procrastinate! Why do tomorrow what you can do today?!


  • Asana to manage projects, assign tasks, and cross things off the list!
  • Squarespace to host our website
  • Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube to build community, market, & sell
  • Memberspace to host content for paid members
  • Wistia and Vimeo to host our videos
  • GSuite to create and share docs & spreadsheets
  • Convertkit to manage emails & communications
  • Canva to create graphics & images

To apply 

If you’ve read this far & this sounds like you, click on this link to submit your application!


We are accepting initial applications from now until Monday March 15th at 5:00PM ET

As a company, we value diversity, equity, and inclusion. We encourage people of all ethnicities, nationalities, genders, races, abilities, religions, and sexual identities to apply. 

If you’ve been chosen to move forward to the interview, you’ll be notified shortly after your application is received. If you don’t hear from us, thank you so much for applying and we will keep your application for consideration in the future!

We’ll assess the top candidates in the following weeks (depending on how many applicants we have). If chosen, we’ll invite you to do a zoom interview.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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