Hiring Assistant at Meg K And Co


Hiring Assistant at Meg K and Co


Meg K and Co, a company that supports online service providers and course creators with hiring services and leadership consulting, is hiring a Hiring Assistant! This role is a mix between account support (onboarding new clients) and supporting in the delivery of the company’s done for you hiring services. No hiring experience needed– your gifts  are in the realm of admin and email communication with clients + job candidates. 


Role Overview: 



–US or Canada

–starting at 5-10 hours a week

–rate: negotiable (I will ask you in the application your desired compensation range)


Here’s a little more about the company and values: 

I (hi, it’s me, Meg) believe in helping business owners find aligned support that will last them a long time and helping them get the space they need in order to continue to grow their businesses without burning out. I also support clients in making room for this space, whether it be through overcoming some limiting mindsets, creating supportive team systems, or through clearly defining support roles that they need (and then hiring them!). 


A big part of the leadership journey is extreme honesty, with self and with team. I’m a big believer in conscious conversations (no matter how awkward and uncomfortable they may feel and how much I resist them before I have them lol). This is a brand new role and may require some conscious conversations to navigate it and make sure it’s working for all parties– if you’re game, then please have a look at the job details and apply if it looks good to you! 


I started this business 3 years ago as a VA and am hitting my stride in supporting clients with hiring services and leadership coaching. I’ve been working on refining and documenting my procedures and I want to serve my  clients really really well as well as continue to create content and more offerings– so it’s time that I walk the walk and bring on a team member! 




Account Support: 

– Onboard new clients using SOPs and guidance from Meg in Dubsado (within 24-48 hours of close of sale) 

– Set-up  new clients with an Asana board to track deliverables and a Google Folder with Hiring Templates.

Excellent Client Communication. Responding to clients within 24 hours during the week.


Support Meg with Delivery of Hiring Services: 

– respond to job candidates in the inbox and manage the hiring inbox 

– Invite applicants to the next round of the application within 24-48 hours 

– letting applicants know if they are not moving forward in the application process within 24-48 hours 

– backend tech (creating google forms)

– Update client documents as we get new information 

– using copy that Meg writes, post job posting in assigned FB groups, Job Boards, and other hiring platforms (as Meg)

– using copy that Meg writes, updated Meg’s list serve in Convertkit about job opportunities 

– download client questionnaire from dubsado and put into client google folder

– research job posting platforms and update job posting platform document



– use Asana to update tasks statuses

– follow project plans created and assigned by Meg

– update project plan templates from direction of Meg

–assign needed tasks to Meg in Asana (and remind in slack)

–use Slack to update Meg on your tasks for the day 

– weekly calls with Meg to discuss projects and to ask questions and make suggestions on process improvements

–updating Standard Operating Procedure documents as needed

–possibly some main inbox support- keeping general inbox organized according to a predetermined strategy



– you’re available for a 30 minute weekly call with Meg to discuss the week’s projects

– you can do a 24-48 response time to the hiring inbox M-F 10am-4pm Central

– you can onboard a new client in dubsado within 24-48 hours of a sale M-F 10am-4pm Central

This could be you if: 

-you like systems

-you love admin

-you love the details and following through 

-you prefer over communication instead of under communication

-you have strong written communication (especially in emails)

-you can get on board with supporting online entrepreneurs in getting really aligned support (and some peace and growth!) 

-you enjoy documenting standard operating procedures

-you can respond within 24-48 hours in the inbox M-F

-you can onboard a new client within 24-48 hours M-F 

-you have other clients or (a part-time job) and you’d like me to be one of them

-you can be clear and upfront about what you’re working on on the days you work in Asana and slack

-plugging and playing makes you happy (like here are the steps to create a google form- plug and play with the info I give you)

-you hate open loops (ie if you asked me for something, and it’s been a few days and you haven’t received it, you’re going to follow up until you get it- you can own the outcome) 

–  you are very comfortable with writing emails and being client/candidate facing 

-you enjoy doing things like copying google folders and asana projects (those detail/technical things!) 

– you love reading SOPs (and watching SOP videos)


– Dubsado for client onboarding

– Zoom

– Google Drive/Google Docs

– Google Form

– Asana for project management 

– Slack for team communication

– Gmail

– convertkit (or similar platform)

–Loom (for updating SOPs)



Apply via the form. 

I’m accepting applications through Monday August 24th at 5:00 PM CDT.

Next steps include possible follow up questions and top candidates will be invited to do a 30 minute zoom interview.  

If you apply  and don’t hear back, thank you so much for applying! 




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