Accounts You Should Follow for the Instagram Stories!


Accounts You Should Follow for the Instagram Stories!

Instagram stories is such a wonderful, quick, and easy way to show up on Instagram! So much of building a brand and generating sales is establishing trust with your community! Whether you’re doing Behind the Scenes, showing your brilliant personality, sharing your offerings, or giving your audience a peek into your day– stories are the way to go! I personally get WAY more engagement on my stories than even my static instagram posts.

I’ve written more about how to get your content flowing more easily here.

Accounts You Should Follow for the Instagram Stories!

Okay so back to Instagram Stories! I’ve compiled a little list of my favorite accounts to follow for their stories. If you want to be entertained, or just educated and inspired on how to story, check out these following accounts!


Mine, duh. Jk JK

I have more more camera-ready days than others, but I try to show up at least every day!


Kelsey at Pinegateroad

Kelsey owns a design, branding, and marketing agency– her branding is so unique and impactful. She’s also my BFF and I love her work. I love her BTS when she shares her design processes!


Liz White

This woman is amazing. She is building a business using her intuition and magic and teaching other women to cultivate a life and business they are obsessed with! She does stories almost every day and burns shit and pulls cards and I’m here for it!



I met Lucrecer at Alt Summit and she shows up in the best way on her stories! I first saw her doing instagram stories about these barbies in shadow boxes at the Seguaro Palms and I knew I needed to make friends with her. Sillyness and entertainment aside, she talks about real shit too and I love watching her.


Jen Gotch of


Cyndie Spiegel

I also met Cyndie at Alt Summit when she did an amazing presentation about how women need to speak up and ask for things! I was so embarrassed because I admitted to her (and a room full of people) that I didn’t speak up when the baristas gave me real milk instead of dairy free milk. I asked for it, but they still gave me dairy. Cyndie drove home the point that women need to speak up when she said, “See people! This woman [me]  is willing to risk shitting her pants from consuming diary instead of speaking up and asking for the right milk in her coffee!”. I almost died but I was just excited that Cyndie noticed me LOL Anyway, her stories have so much valuable content! Def follow her!


Becoming Jolie

Lots of politics and momming and I’m here for it. If you’re white and new to the theories of social justice, she’s a great one to follow. She’s real and vulnerable and yet still entertaining!


Erin Lindstrom

Erin is the founder of Shiny Bitches and she is simply put, the shiniest of the shiniest bitches. She talks about the things woo and mindset, and her kids are cute AF.


Tyler J McCall (for those of us who want a solid male role model)  

Tyler is the ultimate instagram influencer and I DMed him once and I almost died when he DMed me back. He shows up so consistently and knows all things about monetizing instagram. And he’s friends with Liz White so bonus. And we shop at the same target in Chicago. I told him that via DM, too.


Tell me your fave accounts to follow for the instagram stories! I’m here for it!!





PS Let’s be instagram friends, plz n thx

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