Accountability Coach for the Aligned Business Academy


Accountability Coach for the Aligned Business Academy

The Aligned Business Academy, a coaching program by Kelsey Kerlsake of Pinegate Road, is hiring Accountability Coaches! This role will support students in ABA– students are online service providers who want to reach their visions for their lives through their business! 

This is an exciting position for entrepreneurs who want to support other entrepreneurs in reaching their goals of creating an aligned business that supports their dream life. The ABA Accountability Coaches serve as friends, guides, and confidantes for students by holding clients to their big picture vision and helping them take the weekly steps to make it happen! Everyone’s dream is different– students of ABA work through our framework and trainings to design a business that uniquely serves them and their individual dreams. We believe in a life first approach where the business needs to fit into the life of students’ design, not the other way around. The coach checks in weekly with their students with voice memos and messages to support through mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, and guide them to materials and trainings from the ABA framework that will support them. 

Overview of Job

Hours: 10-40+ per month. You decide how many students you want to take on based on your schedule.

Compensation: ~$75-$100/hour on average. We base this on a per-student per month rate.

Preferably based in the US or Canada. 

Contractor Role

People of all ethnicities, nationalities, genders, races, and sexual identities are encouraged to apply! 

Time Commitments: 

Weekly check in’s with student via voxer (approx 15 minutes per week) on a day of the week designated by coach and student. These happen at any time throughout the day, so both sides can do this on their own time.

– Weekly logging and updating of student progress

– Weekly go into Facebook group to observe students’ posts. This is not required, but checking in and commenting occasionally in the community is encouraged!

– Occasional team meetings (no more than 1 a month)

To apply: 

Click on this link! 

This could be you if: 

– You’re an entrepreneur– service-based or coach 

– You are interested in an opportunity to make income supplemental to your business 

– You consider yourself warm, mindful, and engaging

– You’re comfortable with the discomfort of holding space for people when coaching

– You have great follow through

– You do what you say you’re going to do

– You value honesty and having conscious conversations

– You’re into mindset work and personal development

– You’re committed to the success of the students that you coach!

– You love talking through goals and dreams and helping people through set-backs

– You love learning new things

– You consider yourself multi-passionate and have multiple interests (in both life and biz)  

– You can gently call out (or call in, rather) and reframe if your student is straying from aligned actions. You can guide them to take the actions that will get them closer to their vision and truly  remind them and hold their vision for them! 

– You’re excited for a flexible job in an awesome community!

– You are a problem solver – and you can come to the table with suggested solutions- solution oriented but can also hold space for people to process their feelings 

– You love supporting business owners behind the scenes!


– Voxer (walkie talkie app available on phones or on desktops via the voxer website)

– Slack

– Loom

– Facebook


– Welcoming new students in the Academy assigned to work with you and introducing yourself within 72 hours (M-F) of enrollment in the Academy

– Check in once a week (pick the day and stick to that day per your schedule) with each student via Voxer (note: you are not expected to be available for your student 24/7 on voxer– just during your weekly check ins for approximately 15 minutes) 

– Document students progress weekly in our company systems 

– Familiarize yourself with the ABA framework and be in the facebook group at least once a week to see what’s going on

– Coach and encourage students per ABA Coaching Culture guidelines

– Check in with Account Manager with payment or logistical questions

– Check into Slack to report any themes that you’re seeing with your students and collaborate with other coaches

– Go into the Facebook group once a week and observe students’ posts

To apply: 

Click on this link! 


We are accepting initial applications from now until Tuesday September 15th at 5:00PM EDT

You will be notified shortly thereafter if you have been chosen to move forward into the interview process. If you don’t hear from us, thank you so much for applying, and we will keep your application for consideration in the future!

We will interview and test the top candidates the following weeks (depending on how many applicants we have.) If chosen, you’re available to do a video call interview. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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