Visionary leaders require visionary support. 

Are you prepping to scale your business to 1M Plus? 

Download my guide to busting through limiting beliefs about scaling! Inside you'll find actionable tips to help you hire your dream team!


step out of the day-to-day operations so you can scale your business and step into your visionary work. 

Ready to get out of the day-to-day and get the right team in place to make a bigger impact and hit your goal of a million next year? 

You’re ready to scale like crazy (read: get closer to your 1M dollar sales goals) and you physically can’t do everything in your business yourself anymore. You’ve hired help before and it just didn’t work out – they couldn’t keep up with you and maybe  you didn’t have the systems and processes in place to support them (yet!) You know that to grow where you want to go — you can't keep going the way it is. you're hitting a wall and staying stuck in busy and overwhelm. Handing off the work you've always done seems like too much to handle. You're already short on time, and can't imagine trying to train someone on top of that. It all feels like too much effort, and who knows if scaling will even work out?

Meg K is here to help! I’ve supported coaches just like you hand off all the implementation work and build a team they can TRUST through intensives, hiring, and project management support! 

 I'm ready to scale my biz with a dream team in place!

Visionary leaders require visionary support. 

Hi, I’m Meg Baker, Hiring Expert and Business Consultant. I help visionary entrepreneurs streamline their business with the right team, perfected processes, and the kind of support that makes you feel like “OMG where have you been all of my business life?!”

I’m professional and fun, the same way I’m guessing you want your business to feel. 

Ready to feel like you finally have the ideal support you need to crush your business goals? 


You have ideas. 
You have vision. 
You have purpose. 

And you have a little problem with getting it all done because right now, you’re doing too much in your business, the people you rely on to help you are getting B’s instead of A’s, and with all that quick start energy and excitement, sometimes it’s hard to keep momentum on ALL of your plans.

The truth is, you can have it all. but you can't have it all right this minute. 

(Boo, I know.)

But, together, we can figure out how to get you having it all. 

Clarify your goals. 


handle the now while building for the future. 

Here's what we need to do: 

What’s the thing you want the most. Knowing this will allow us to reverse engineer the rest.

Identify the key players. 

We'll figure out who you need to help you get there. Your team needs to be more than little clones of you or people or can just take orders- you need a dynamic team that can grow with you, buy into your vision, and operate as a leader within your organization so nothing slips through the cracks. 

Look, things may feel like a hot mess right now and I can help with that. But, I’m not just gonna create a quick fix, I’m going to create a system so that going forward whoever steps into your organization can easily step into the team with clear procedures and processes so they can do their best work for you. 



But for real, I’m Megan Baker and I LOVE helping visionary quick starts get their shit together. 

Let’s be real. This world is kind of a mess so it’s incredibly important to me that people who actually care are able to get their voices out and make an impact. And I know that doing so requires support. 

Now, I didn’t grow up dreaming about being the behind the scenes woman for entrepreneurial businesses but when you find that you’re amazing at something, it’s not fair to keep that to yourself. 

Let's work together

I’m here to help you be the best you. 

I’m here to help your brand make the most impact.

I’m here to help your team support you in the perfect way for you.

Yes, I’m basically Mary Poppins, but for your business. 

Client Love: 

"When I first started working with Meg, I was in a growth phase and knew I needed support with hiring the right people and putting the right processes in place so the business didn’t rely on me as much. After working with Meg, I have a new operations manager and marketing/projects coordinator that I love, and systems to support us as we scale. We also used the process Meg created for us to hire a new community manager! I'm out of the day-to-day and focused on the vision of the company! If you are in growth mode and ready to get the support you need to scale, hire Meg!"

I'm out of the day-to-day and focused on the vision of the company!




"Meg's approach really wowed me because she gave me specific systems strategy, advice about how to communicate with my team, and she went into my dubsado and asana to demonstrate how I could get my shit together and actually get my money's worth."

Meg's approach really wowed me




If you are a quickstart/visionary looking to have longer term contractors, speak with Meg! I’m a project manager and she was so great at helping my client get everything together for my onboarding! During hiring and onboarding, Meg was engaging but very clear about the client needed and what they are looking for to scale their business. Meg was right there with me during the onboarding time. She had materials ready to bring me up to speed with the team, services offered, and company sops. Now working for Meg's client, life is great! The team is so fun. Never could have imagined I would still be working with them a year later.

Now working for Meg's client, life is great!




Working with Meg made it possible for me to seriously scale my business. I'm not in the day to day anymore and can focus on the projects that light me up and get me closer to my revenue goals. Meg listened to everything I wanted to accomplish– she then helped me get my internal processes and sops in place and hire my dream team quickly. It happened way faster than I could have imagined. Everyone that I have brought on to my team with Meg's help has been an amazing fit! I love working with Meg!

Everyone that I have brought on to my team with Meg's help has been an amazing fit!




Working with Meg was a full experience – from identifying the core skills and qualities I desired - to crafting the job description to ensuring the job announcement was posted in the ideal websites/forums - to screening the candidates, scheduling the interviews - helping with interview questions - the investment was so worth it. I have the absolutely best team member and I wouldn't have her if it weren't for Meg's signature hiring service.

The investment was so worth it

Aimee Laliberte



From my perspective as a candidate, the hiring process appeared to be an organized and well thought out process. I felt confident and qualified by the time we got to the face to face interview. When I was being onboarded by Meg, she's very responsive, approachable, and takes the initiative to check in on you if you haven't reached out to her during that period. I felt highly supported. Once I was hired, I was quickly promoted from the role I was hired for. Things are busy! I took over the role of integrator, and received a lot of assistance and advice from Meg during that transition. I loved how invested Meg was in our business and the success of it! Meg's the best!

Once I was hired, I was quickly promoted from the role I was hired for

Whitney Newman



Meg can keep up with my millions of ideas! She really listens and helps me plan out and prioritize how to make my big projects come to life. When working with Meg, I really feel like I have someone in my corner who gets it and gets how I need to operate. With her support, I can stay in the visionary role while feeling more organized so that I can focus on the projects that are taking me to the next level in my business. 

I can stay in the visionary role while feeling more organized




Do you want to scale and have the people in place to get shit done? 

The package that will work best for you depends on your goals and where you are in your business! I would love to chat with you to see what package will best serve you!


How we can work together:

This is where we start if you are pretty much doing everything inside of your business– so much so that you don’t even have the bandwidth or time to delegate anything. We will work on integral foundations that you need in order to lead a team. This is a deep dive in your business where it is currently and where you want to go. You walk away with a strategic step-by-step plan to get your business operating in a way that supports your growth! Depending on your business it may include recommendations for systems and tools, internal processes, SOP strategy and suggestions, project priorities planned out quarterly, and who your next hire(s) need to be.

More about Meg:

I started this online business life as a VA. I've been inside many online businesses. I know how hard it can be to step into a leadership role and hire the right people for your unique self and business. Through hiring, management and strategic systems support, my clients are not only able to hit their big crazy goals, but also have the freedom to enjoy the creative work they love and feel more human again! I'm obsessed with growing businesses and collaborating with business owners to figure out what it is they need in order to build a successful team. I can help you figure out your team needs, systems, policies and processes AND support you with implementing it all. 

I'm ready to scale my biz with a dream team in place!


So often hiring can feel tedious (not to mention time consuming!) sorting through all of the applications not to mention writing the job descriptions and posting them. Oh, and Zoom interviewing! Through my hiring packages, I listen to what you want, advise you based on my hiring expertise (both in the “real” world and online world), and walk with you through the hiring process! Maybe you feel like you’ve had poor or rushed hiring processes on your end and it’s cost you money paying a contractor who just wasn’t quite right for you. I’ve matched my clients with excellent hires by walking them through the process and managing it on my end– I can even conduct or facilitate the interviews for you! My hiring clients have had (and still do have) great success with their contractors and employees that are supporting in the ways they’ve dreamed of! 

project management

This offering is flexible and totally depends on what your goals and priorities are. I’ve managed high quickstarts and can support them in ways that are different from traditional project managers. I can keep up with your high energy and #AllTheIdeas while keeping the ball rolling and ultimately keeping you on track with your priorities. During project planning, I know the right questions to ask and can manage your people from assigning project pieces to assuring that things get done correctly and on time. 



Thank you so much!
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