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It's time to hire a team that truly supports you, your vision, and your clients. 

There comes a time in every successful businesses' life when it's time to SCALE. 

And for different people that means different things. Sometimes it means brining on associate coaches so you can sell your programs to more people, sometimes it means finding an OBM or integrator so you can stay in your zone of genius, and sometimes it means onboarding the perfect-for-you VA to help take some work off of your plate so you can focus on selling. 

The commonality: it requires HIRING.

The truth is, to run a million dollar (or even multi-six figure) business without burning out, you need help. And not just any help. 

In order to hand things off without worrying if it'll get done to your liking, you have to have high quality support that matches your unique needs.   

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Welcome to Meg K + Co. Here, we help growing businesses find, hire, and onboard their ideal teammates. (Yes, it's kind of like matchmaking but less romance and more productivity.)

Taller trees require deeper roots. 

Hi, I’m Meg Baker, Hiring Enthusiast and Expert. I help online business owners grow their bottom lines (and impact) by making sure they have the right people on their teams and that their people have what they need to succeed in their roles so they can focus on increasing their profits instead of all the day to day tasks. 

The truth is, hiring can be messy and it can cost a ton of money trying to find the right people. Our job is to efficiently and effectively find the right team members for you and make sure you're both set up for success. 

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You know where you're going, you just need the people and processes to help get you there. 

If I had a penny every time someone came to me and said "AHHH, I should've hired you from the beginning instead of wasting all this time, energy, and money trying to do it myself," I'd have A LOT of pennies. 

You see, hiring seems simple. (And honestly, it is.) But simple doesn't necessarily mean easy. Especially when you have programs to sell, clients to serve, and all of the parts of your business to oversee. 

Hiring well is about more than putting a person in a seat (or in your Slack.) It’s about making sure you have a qualified applicant from an inclusive pool of candidates that has the skills you need to best support you AND making sure you have the proper onboarding sequence that can take your new hire from “Huh?” to HELPFUL AF. 

We all want those dream team members who see your vision, understand your needs, and meet your expectations. But team members like that require more than just a quick FB post and a sales call. 

Clarify your goals + priorities. 


Interview + onboard

Here's what we need to do: 

What’s the thing you want and need to be doing most in and for your business? Where do you *actually* need to be spending your time and efforts in your business? What are you genius at and what are you just really good at but someone else can do it better (and actually love doing it?) Even if you have a team member or two, what support is needed NOW?  

Identify + recruit the key players. 

We'll figure out who you need to help you and cast a wide net to increase your chances of getting team buys into your vision and values and does great work (that they love, on a team they love).  Go beyond just relying on referrals for people you want to have on your team for the long haul. Also, go beyond status quo and who or what you think you need. You are unique and online biz is a unique industry– we'll figure out who it is YOU need. We'll tailor our framework for what you need, recruit in a variety of different ways, and ask the right questions. 

Starting any new relationship can be weird. Let's make it less weird and more fun. We're there to facilitate the interview, foster connection, and make sure both parties are getting the information they need before taking the big leap into the working relationship. My team and I are there to help you make decisions and to support you as you navigate your proper onboarding process (be it a W-2 or contractor– I don't have all the answers but I'm here to connect you to the resources you need).  



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we're here to help. 

yes. you can outsource your hiring and trust that the ideal candidate will be identified and hired. 

Client Love: 

"When I first started working with Meg, I was in a growth phase and knew I needed support with hiring the right people and putting the right processes in place so the business didn’t rely on me as much. After working with Meg, I have a new operations manager and marketing/projects coordinator that I love, and systems to support us as we scale. We also used the process Meg created for us to hire a new community manager! I'm out of the day-to-day and focused on the vision of the company! If you are in growth mode and ready to get the support you need to scale, hire Meg!"

I'm out of the day-to-day and focused on the vision of the company!




"Meg's approach really wowed me because she gave me specific systems strategy, advice about how to communicate with my team, and she went into my dubsado and asana to demonstrate how I could get my shit together and actually get my money's worth."

Meg's approach really wowed me




If you are a quickstart/visionary looking to have longer term contractors, speak with Meg! I’m a project manager and she was so great at helping my client get everything together for my onboarding! During hiring and onboarding, Meg was engaging but very clear about the client needed and what they are looking for to scale their business. Meg was right there with me during the onboarding time. She had materials ready to bring me up to speed with the team, services offered, and company sops. Now working for Meg's client, life is great! The team is so fun. Never could have imagined I would still be working with them a year later.

Now working for Meg's client, life is great!




Working with Meg made it possible for me to seriously scale my business. I'm not in the day to day anymore and can focus on the projects that light me up and get me closer to my revenue goals. Meg listened to everything I wanted to accomplish– she then helped me get my internal processes and sops in place and hire my dream team quickly. It happened way faster than I could have imagined. Everyone that I have brought on to my team with Meg's help has been an amazing fit! I love working with Meg!

Everyone that I have brought on to my team with Meg's help has been an amazing fit!




Working with Meg was a full experience – from identifying the core skills and qualities I desired - to crafting the job description to ensuring the job announcement was posted in the ideal websites/forums - to screening the candidates, scheduling the interviews - helping with interview questions - the investment was so worth it. I have the absolutely best team member and I wouldn't have her if it weren't for Meg's signature hiring service.

The investment was so worth it

Aimee Laliberte



From my perspective as a candidate, the hiring process appeared to be an organized and well thought out process. I felt confident and qualified by the time we got to the face to face interview. When I was being onboarded by Meg, she's very responsive, approachable, and takes the initiative to check in on you if you haven't reached out to her during that period. I felt highly supported. Once I was hired, I was quickly promoted from the role I was hired for. Things are busy! I took over the role of integrator, and received a lot of assistance and advice from Meg during that transition. I loved how invested Meg was in our business and the success of it! Meg's the best!

Once I was hired, I was quickly promoted from the role I was hired for

Whitney Newman



Meg can keep up with my millions of ideas! She really listens and helps me plan out and prioritize how to make my big projects come to life. When working with Meg, I really feel like I have someone in my corner who gets it and gets how I need to operate. With her support, I can stay in the visionary role while feeling more organized so that I can focus on the projects that are taking me to the next level in my business. 

I can stay in the visionary role while feeling more organized




Done for you Hiring

How may we best serve you? 

We'll start with a 90 minute deep dive so we can understand who you are and identify the role(s) you need filled (and even if you think you know who you need, we'll get very clear on what exactly they will be doing so we attract the people who truly want to fill that role and be a part of your team!) We will then find, hire, and invite them to join your team. Do you values matter to you? We'll infuse them throughout the whole process so that the first impression job seekers get from your company is a positive one! Our process will save you so much time and headache (we're obsessed with hiring btw) and increase your chances of having a match made in online biz heaven! 

More about Meg:

After years of teaching, I left academia (okay, not true academia but third grade) for the wild and wonderful world of online business supporting entrepreneurs who care about the world. After being inside of many businesses, I know one thing (actually, I know a lot of things, but this stands out) WHO YOU’RE SURROUNDED BY MATTERS. Whether it’s coaches, consultants, contractors and the like-- the energy and effectiveness of those around you AFFECT you and your bottom line. 

As the person taking over hiring for your team, it’s my full intention to not just find “someone” to do the job you need done, but to find someone who shares your values, is enrolled in your vision, and who understands how you want to be supported. 

Finding someone like this takes more than a random post on Facebook. It takes getting to know you and your unique needs, using an inclusive system to find the best candidate, and creating the systems needed to ensure success for you and your team member(s). 

If you’re ready to uplevel your business and your bottom line by finding your aligned support, we’re here to help. 

Let's get started!

Team + Hiring Training

Would you like me to speak to your group, mastermind, or podcast audience? I'm happy to share my tips to hire effectively and efficiently without wasting time, money, and energy. 



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